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for Halfway to Hegg

3h c52 33Filisgirl251
Getting good. Wonder if she will go to Erebor or stay with the others in Laketown
8/7 c51 5TurtleJustice
Thanks for another chapter. I pray you feel better soon.
8/6 c50 octoberbaby91
Please update soon!
7/30 c50 TurtleJustice
Thanks for another chapter and I hope you feel better soon!
7/25 c31 Guest
Ooh also there’s an age mixup. Earlier he was 33 at the time and 2 years from adulthood but here he’s 30 and an adult at 33
7/25 c31 Guest
Putting this here rather than at the end, a few chapters have repeated themselves now, 28 and 29 are repeats and there’s one before that. In this one Adaira acts like this is the first time she’s heard of hobbits’ seven meals but it comes up in an earlier chapter - i don’t know if they were updated but yeah. Love the story though
7/22 c49 Jillian Baade
Nice chapter, l love Adair’s cursing Thranduil in Gaelic, very funny. Looking forward to more!
7/22 c49 TurtleJustice
Thank you for sharing another wonderful chapter!

P.S. Your descriptions of Bilbo filching food are adorable!
7/18 c48 3SagaOfTheSolitaryKiwi
Great chapter! I’m on tenterhooks waiting to hear what will happen next.

Migraines suck, I get them too. I hope you can find some relief!
7/16 c48 Jillian Baade
Well, that was action packed, l feel exhausted just reading it!
7/17 c48 29BloodyTink
Adaira is back! Yay! You had me worried that she was gonna stay like that forever. You should have let Adaira punch Legolas. He was being an ass. Or at least Dwalin do it. I love how he's protective husband with Adaira. Update soon.
7/16 c48 5TurtleJustice
Great chapter! Thank you for sharing it and no need to apologize for being a day late... we've all been there. :)
7/16 c48 33Filisgirl251
Oh boy. Glad she is back to normal
7/9 c47 Mc
Ahhhh! Cliffhanger!
7/9 c47 Jillian Baade
Oh my God! So did not see that coming! And she’s expecting too, holy shit, what a chapter!
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