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8/31 c14 23BootsnHats
Spectacular! Enthralling from start to finish! Brilliantly plotted! MiLady was a totally unexpected, shocking surprise, her dialogue lethally shattering, their shimmering passion shoving aside the anger and despair filling up the well of the room so real and true in the moment! And all done in present tense - which I confess, I don't normally appreciate - but it's use here added an immediacy to the story that kept the tension stretched like a wire throughout.

So many of your turns of phrase are so remarkably fresh, I must admit to teensy bit of jealousy! And your action sequences are to die for - more than a teensy bit of jealousy pinched me while reading the sword fight sequences! The details of the burning house and their departure from it were exquisite. But the pièces de résistance of this story for me, was the fascinating, deep emotional bonding between these four that was written into every word and gesture and look between them.

Thank you for a morning and half an afternoon wallowing in splendid TM fan fiction. It's been a great pleasure spending time in your corner of fandom! Apologies for the multitude of exclamation points, but in this instance, not one was overused. _
8/15 c15 Arduna
I've less time these days to indulge here but it is a pleasure and a delight to find such high quality writing when I do. This was a joy to read, especially the last couple of chapters. I just love the insight you give us, bringing new layers to my understanding of their relationships even after so many years and so many stories in the hands of so many great authors. Thank you!
8/14 c15 1pallysAramisRios
Our moody Musketeer is back in action going hard and heavy with Porthos no easy task when the Giant is pissed.. Least Athos knows where he belongs and howthings could have been taken away so easily
8/11 c14 pallysAramisRios
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a brutal fight that was going on I could almsot picture it as I read .. I can see d'Artagnan grinning as they chatter about when he saved Athos that fateful night
8/1 c13 105Tidia
Demoted and lost his commission? What’s the world coming to!
7/30 c13 1pallysAramisRios
Athos just cant see what he's doing is wrong no matter how angry his brothers are he just dosent care.. And now he may loose his life he better hope someone saves him or he sobors up real quick
7/30 c13 2Estel-Ara
Poor Athos! With all that self-recrimination and seft-loathing he punishes himself worst that Treville ever can! And what would happen now? His friends would forever blame themselves not been with him when he needed them most!
I just hope you don’t let him be killed by those two criminals and that someone will help him (not Milady, please!)!
7/5 c12 6shewriteswords
Loving it.
5/8 c12 1pallysAramisRios
Yiikes he's hurt so bad yet he feels so bad and now with Treville giving him hell he feels even worse he broke the Musketeer code.. Everyone has their own issues with him but he has them even more with himself.. Wow he made Porthos the acting Lieutenant I thought he would make Aramis it..Wonder what Athos will do now?
5/8 c12 Guest
Oh, no! Poor Athos! What will he do now? What will his brothers do? How will they all cope with all these changes?
5/6 c11 Uia
smh...Athos my dear sweet Athos

gave in to the devil...I hope he doesn't get into too much trouble
4/28 c11 6shewriteswords
This has me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for updating!
4/28 c11 1pallysAramisRios
At least she removed the collar so he dident choke.. and Aramis found him I'm sure Aramis is more then a little oissed at Milady for doing what she did but at least Athos is alive and the fun part of telling Treville is not going to be fun
4/26 c10 pallysAramisRios
Dam she's wicked and Athos cant let her go no matter what she;s done
2/4 c9 pallysAramisRios
hahah poor pup thinks he's ready butis quickly reminded noooope.. Athos is ready to escape problem is now he's caught by Milady and God only knows what she has planned
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