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for The Reluctant Hero

4/3 c1 Llewey
This guy’s self righteousness is kinda obnoxious
3/16 c33 12nexusplayer
Omake Idea?
My man making A lightsaber and all the boys circling it chanting "Lightsaber"
Or maybe just look up girls with autism vs boys with autism. look for the one with the woods on the right and the girl in the red and white stripped shirt on the left...
3/15 c28 7Spedyalarm
So. I'm more like Sallie.
3/15 c27 Spedyalarm
Who is Shade?
3/14 c16 Spedyalarm
I'm being honest. That Money stuff flew straight over my head.
From what I gather, he is essentially making the Banks poorer, by using a technicality. Essentially, a bank cannot use an individuals money as readily as they can a company's money.
3/14 c3 Spedyalarm
8/15/2023 c45 Rush
8/14/2023 c36 Rush
Ha! Yes! Please! More!
8/13/2023 c17 Rush
“pseudo-harem shenanigans”
Huh. Alright then.
8/13/2023 c13 Rush
Please let this be going where I think it’s going!
7/30/2023 c1 Theif Lupin
Sorry but im not reading a story with 26 omakes especially one with 20 in a row
4/11/2023 c60 Arashi Uzukaze
I interesting changes you made to Salem and Ozma's backstory.
4/4/2023 c1 13Xana Shadow
honestly, this story started off incredible but then you began having TOO many omakes one after the other without pointing out which ones were relevant to the plot. I suggest making a rework version like you did with Two Kings.
1/20/2023 c12 TicklethThyPickle
Wait, wouldn’t Raven just turn into a bird to escape the ropes? I wouldn’t tying her up lol
9/21/2022 c47 Shadowstorm-Vash
I think everyone understood that “Non Descript Winter Holliday” was meant as being inclusive to all the other religious holidays in winter not just Christmas.
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