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for The Reluctant Hero

6/12 c9 44Wacko12
why was Raven hunting him?
6/11 c63 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
being a mother again us a unexpected step for raven to take
6/11 c63 2merendinoemiliano
Quite good atmosphere, tense in the right way. Can't wait to see more.
6/7 c11 frostynips
This shitty plot point with raven being obsessed with the mc is garbage and is honestly ruining the story. Totally fucking up ravens character
5/31 c60 Blaze1992
5/28 c62 merendinoemiliano
5/28 c62 Foztrot
... Wat?
5/28 c62 Dasgun
. .
5/14 c60 merendinoemiliano
Very good atmosphere, especially in the last part. Can't wait to see Robyn's role.
5/14 c60 Guest
Normal weaponry won’t effect Salem... then how about... unconventional weapons? What I’m saying is nuclear firestorms might burn away the Salem and her continent
5/14 c60 venyr4686
Damn, that soul jar theory makes sense, but did she do a voldemort? Multiple jars? Anyway, tnx for the chapter and stay safe author.
5/14 c60 1RoachVit
A freaking phylactery... theory of Salem having a damn horcruxes is damn logical af lmao
5/11 c59 Blaze1992
I was not expecting that at all.
5/11 c23 venyr4686
Hahaha! Pepsi bomb go BOOM!
5/1 c59 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
willow deserves some happiness
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