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1/20 c12 TicklethThyPickle
Wait, wouldn’t Raven just turn into a bird to escape the ropes? I wouldn’t tying her up lol
9/21/2022 c47 Shadowstorm-Vash
I think everyone understood that “Non Descript Winter Holliday” was meant as being inclusive to all the other religious holidays in winter not just Christmas.
9/21/2022 c46 Shadowstorm-Vash
V-tubers…..when is the actual story starting up again? Instead of these “not omakes”.
This chapter especially is turning this into a crack-fic for “anime spazzes with no restraint” from a relatively grounded story. The silliest element before was Ozma and “Sally” who mostly served no purpose. Neither try to take control and the MC almost always ignores what they say making them a bit pointless(literally no conflict, just a peanut gallery). The survivor arc of the story, settling in arc, and the Atlas arc were all really good, but it seems that ever since chapter 32 the story has been on hold. Additionally adding Omake to the end makes it confusing as to what is actually cannon fore the story and what isn’t. The slice of life stuff seems like it’s cannon, but the threesome and the V-tuber stuff don’t. Raven and Sienna have not had any romantic chemistry or even time alone and the V-tubers don’t make sense. Why would the v-tubers look like their 3d avatars if they are from the mc’s world? They should look like the irl streamer and the MC wouldn’t recognize them unless they had a face reveal. Maybe it would have been best to put the crack-fic “omakes” in a different story and left the slice of life stuff as an “intermission arc” while you plan the next step of the story?
Since it is confusing as to which omakes are crack-fic or what is cannon I can’t really skip them either or I might miss out on actual story elements.
8/31/2022 c4 9sd74
Oh no! The Bullhead will be there left... (what word could I use besides "left hanging").
8/8/2022 c78 Cock-Biter
Okay, reading this has been an exercise in perseverance… and have come to the conclusion that I much prefer "Tale of Two Kings: Redux" over this — To Each Their Own!
8/8/2022 c78 Momiyama-Fan
Never mind, got a friend with a 'Questionable Questing' account to help me — "Absolute Divinity" Dio Brando and "Preaching Demon" Father Richard.
8/8/2022 c77 Anarchy Sisters
To 'FrostXD60' (Nov 26, 2021): And what, walk the lands like Baldur "Shadow" Moon from Neil Gaiman’s "American Gods" novel, using his 'divine powers' to solve problems as he comes upon them? Because after all the shit he’s pulled (behind the scenes or otherwise), I think a retirement away from civilisation, out in the wilderness, might be more 'merciful' to his PTSD…

To 'SocialistBukharin': Just curious, but we never really got any 'epilogue' for Nicholas and Willow Schnee, other than the Schnee Dust Company doing 'morally and reliably' better than before… and John Bukharin serving as a substitute paternal figure to Weiss.
8/7/2022 c66 Asura-Fan
BAM! This MOFO lived the dream of decking Ozpin! Hell of a lot better than when Qrow decked poor Oscar!
8/7/2022 c59 Schpicy-Fan
Well… at least he didn’t end up in a ‘compromising’ position like Jaune Arc did with Willow Schnee in VecnaWrites’ “A Celebratory Party” (not yet, anyway) — THAT would have been downright embarrassing for poor John-Boy!
8/7/2022 c52 BRAVE N00B WORLD
Okay, as much as I’m not terribly fond of reading (about 75% of) what I’ve read up to this point (compared to some of your other stories, crossover or otherwise), this chapter has been quite appealing to me, in which someone (even if it had to be some sort of 'meta-protagonist') was able to throw (a 'younger') Ozma’s "I've Seen Many Terrible Things" Bullshit right back at him.

In fact, I’m hoping this review of mine can serve as a 'nifty reminder' on how to start off countering (some of) Ozma’s 'arguments'… and get the 'old bastard' to start reevaluating his past decisions and life choices in order to consider 'better' alternatives for the world of Remnant.
6/24/2022 c4 2LoudOpinions
There's being evil and there's making the devil look good. Guess which one he is.
6/8/2022 c78 Momiyama-Fan
Correct me if I’m wrong… but is one of those 'mysterious' individuals meant to be the Demon Priest from your "Preaching Demon" (Taimanin-Verse)?

If so… NICE.

P.S: Who’s the other guy, then? I honestly can’t tell…
6/8/2022 c77 Momiyama-Fan
The 'world-building' you’ve established in your epilogue here might serve as an applicable 'standard' (for every fan-fiction writer obsessed with world-building; even then, this is a bit more on the optimistic side of things) with resolving what happens to the future-fantasy world of Remnant once "RWBY" has properly concluded…

Just as you quoted Orson Welles, "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." And like how your main character has phrased it, "Not the finest ending, but definitely the happiest."
2/24/2022 c78 PasiveNox
ooooh shit
2/24/2022 c77 PasiveNox
cute epilogue
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