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6/9/2019 c4 The THOT Patrol
No THOTs are permitted!
6/9/2019 c4 Guest
Yeah the Scarface game is a GTA clone (made by Rockstar though, so I’m not sure it counts as one) for the PS2. I don’t know if it was on any other consoles.

It’s pretty silly.
6/9/2019 c4 2Thomas Knightshade
I wonder how far the butterfly effect will go. Blake, Ren, and Nora will know each other and will likely encounter Ruby and Yang due to our 'prank' by sending the sword to Patch. I wonder if Blake's personality will change and be slightly more open with others. That said, I hope we can save Adam before he goes genocidal obsessive emo we know in the show. He has a lot of potential to do good. As always, good job on the story so far.
6/9/2019 c4 3NeroAlmia
...Dude, you seriously know how to make me interested in the story.

Great chapter, as always! (Do you even write bad chapters?...)

So, you are joining the White Fang, eh?... I can see a lot of ripples for that single action. In fact, that single action can even change the whole thing about becoming a terrorist group and turning themselves in an evil version of AVALANCHE and all that stuff. True, is a small change, and I know that there will be a lot of radicals among the group (*coff**coff*Siennah*coff**coff*Adam*coff**coff*), but the fact that one human joined their group can be a decisive factor in this point against becoming a terrorist cell.

Specially, since I guess that the time of the White Fang becoming an hypocritical terrorist group is relatively closer (or near? I'm not sure what is the right term in this situation). It can lessen the amount of hatred against humanity. At least, enough to make the future White Fang becoming a different group, and not taking over the pacifist movement (Again, is the right term... right?...)

So, he's stuck in a future terrorist campment, surrounded by potentially dangerous people, and now is joinig them... besides planning to do something... funny against Raven. eh?... I can barely await for the next chapter.

As always, you manage to made me feel interested in this and all your stories. You should try to make your own project, separated from Fanfiction.
Also, what happened with your project of a Fan-Made VN of Fate/Stay Night? I was really interested when I heard (Read) about it in FPO.

Thanks for the chapter! And good luck with all related to your RL!
Thanks for reading this!
6/9/2019 c1 Ruberforumfree
so, wait this fic is not going to have a paring with one of the girls in the show (I prefer MILF like Ragen though) for the protagonist
6/9/2019 c4 2merendinoemiliano
Epic chapter, i loved the part with Ghira
6/9/2019 c2 Guest
Though that might be from the game.
6/8/2019 c3 1SkyLuong
Let's see who has the better luck between him and Qrow.
6/8/2019 c3 3Chaotic Pheonix
Shit Raven is either gonna be piss or horny now
6/8/2019 c3 Guest
That's fair enough I was just stating that that was kinda what it seemed like to me at first but you're right hat would be an overburdening task and could be difficult to pull off. Also love this chapter launching Raven out of a moving vehicle with a shotgun blast while screaming begone thot hahahahaha that was hilarious, can see that your initial plan of heading to Vale even if only to drop off Nora and Ren has failed it's likely you will be flown back to the Mistral hospital and end up needing to work to pay off the hospital bill and take care of young Nora and Ren who might be registered to you if they aren't instead taken to an orphanage.
6/8/2019 c3 3NeroAlmia
Ahhh, the cruelty of life. Even If I am a recurrent victim of it, I can still laugh at the expense of someone else who is far worse than me in regards to luck... Nah, you're still lucky compared to me. With my luck, I am totally sure that I would be going right in front of the Nuckelavee.

Nice chapter as always!

Yeah. A lot of people can't see the harsh truth behimnd a world of fantasy. It is because they see the world from the point of view of the protagonist, who undoubtely has a plot armor against tragedies, even if in the past they lived in despair, or even if they tend to attract broken people.
Because of that, even with the knowledge that the world is dangerous, most of people tend to forget it to follow the story of a lucky person, of someone who in most cases is a better person than the ones reading/watching the story.

Hell, only in the Japanese franchises, you can find a lot of worlds who are totally hostiles against humanity, or the average person. For Root's sake, even some Eroges have worlds completely dangerous for anything alive.
But is the wonder, the unordinary, the fantastic, what attract them, what make them desire being in the worlds they like. That, and the escapism.

You know informatic and micro-macroeconomics? Well, that is something compared to me. I am only proud of my cookings skills, my psychology skills and the fact that I know how to hide myself well. It sounds well having knowledge of psycology, and knoing how to hide and cook, but to be honest, I doubt I would survive in RWBY with my skills. Or in any world, in fact. And my knowledge in regards to psycology is above the average person, at least. Enough to understand superficially a person and MAYBE why they act like the way they do, but not enough to know what a person feels and think. In fact, i'm totally lost when I need to put myself in the shoes of others and understand their feelings. Oh, I understand why they do the things that they do,but nothing else. And hiding... well, at least, something good came from the bullying...

Ozpin is a double-edged sword (..It is the right expression, right?). His knowledge and skills are important ad useful to your SI-Version, but he can be... a bit difficult (Because trying to posees your body and erase your soul can be considered as such). But he can be a great asset if you know how to use him.

What your SI-version needs, is time. Time to think, time to accept, time to rest, time to understand time to adapt, and time to gather resources. Any type of resource. Information, people, etc.

Being hurt twice in that short amount of time?... Dude, I'm seriously afraid of what will happen to him in a week... Well, at least he can brag about surviving an attack of Raven Branwen. The difference between an attack of a Beowulf and an attack of Raven is like the earth and the sky... Wait. The level of danger is increasing with each time he's hurt, so... Next time, he will be injured by a Silver-eyed warrior, a Maiden, Salem's servants, Ozma, a Dragon Grimm or Salem herself? I need to make a poll betting what he will face next time...

Anyway, thanks for the chapter! And good luck with anything regarding your RL.!
And, Thanks for reading this!
6/8/2019 c3 Perran Onh
Thot slayer
6/8/2019 c3 2Thomas Knightshade
I wonder what will happen next. An interrogation session perhaps? Or if Fate will kick us while we're down. As always, good job so far
6/8/2019 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Interesting,i'm really curious to see how he Will evolve before canon. Good work.
6/6/2019 c2 GoTeam
Wait how is their two ozpins?
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