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6/6/2019 c1 3NeroAlmia
Wow... I wasn't expecting this... or at least, not, now. Maybe later, but not that soon...

It seems that now you have another good story on this site. Seriously, every story you have published in this site is decent, if not insanely goof. Even the original version of "Human King" and "Fate Player Online", or that Harry Potter X Re:Zero Crossover (A shame that they aren't a lot of Re:Zero crossovers on this site. Despite what everyone can say, Is a good anime. A realistic approach of a Isekai story, including at the same time some of the typical tropes and cliches of the genre. And the WN take that realistic approach to levels even more cruder and darker than the LN and the Anime. And the complex universe, while not even close in level of complexity compared to... I don't know. The Nasuverse? Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei? Nanoha?, is complex enough to the readers who wants something more deeper than a simple mixtures of tropes taking the form of a story and... Why, in the name of every deity in the Lovecraftian mythology, am I talking about Re:Zero? Hell, my ranting without sense nor reason have been increasing...), you know how to write good stories, or at least, you have enough imagination to create stories with an interesting plot in your earlier stories even if they lack the quality of your new stories.

And now, you write what it seems to be your first SI. Congratulations! You've entered in the mess known as Self Insert! A hole of good ideas mixed with biased opinions of the author and the favoritism over his own persona and need to self-fulfillment in a fictional story to feel important! I would say that I hope you don't fall in that senseless pit of mediocrity in the journey to made a good story, but I know better after reading a lot of your stories, So I know for a fact that you won't fall where almost every author of SI's falls.

So, this is the story where the ripples will affect the whole show, eh? At least, I know that this will be fun... and angsty, because I know for a fact that this will be sad and heart-breaking. but where is fun usually there is a lot of suffering. So, I will find amusement in your own suffering?... Man, that sounds weird, even if is true...

A lot of people wish for a change. To escape from reality. To enter into a world of fantasy. To live and adventure. To escape from mediocrity and from the boring routine of their lives. To feel important. To have something special. To be the hero of their own story. To fulfill their dreams and fantasies, now matter how good or darker they are. and to run from their own complex and issues in their lives. For Akasha's sake, even I am not different, sometimes asking myself how would be my life if somehow one day I transmigrated/reincarnated/suffer an accident in the form of (A- Being killed by a truck -B- Recieving a mail or a message that would instantly transport me into another world -C- the steriotypical excuse of Zelretch, Yukari Yakumo, Neptune or any fictional pseudo-deity dimension-hopper entity of everyday being the responsible) into a world of fiction like some of my favorites franchises or a fantastic world totally new. But that not only is not sane (...Well, I don't care about my sanity, but I found it a bit pathetic, even if I do the same every once in a while. Yes, I'm hypocrite, but I accept it and I try to stop being one), but probably your fantasies would be totally destroyed, and then throwed into a can of thrash.

Any normal person, who is not broken to some extent, would break. They are in a world totally unknown, even if, somehow, they know it (A world based on a fictional-work like in this case), seeing a world from a screen is different than knowing that world. TV Series, Animes, Mangas, Comics, Manhuas, Manhwas, Books, and Web Series only show us a bit of the world from the perspective of the characters, not all the world.
You are alone. All the people you know are gone. Maybe you have never valued a person in your life, but now, you can't help but feel how important they were for you.
All what you knew now is gone. All the thing you loved, all the things you wanted, all the things you worked so hard to get, and all what you craved and desired, now is gone without a trace.
You are alone. Truly alone, in an unforgiving world, no matter if you are surrounded by people. If anyone can recover themselves from taht or not feel it at all, or they are broken, they are fools, they are messed up in their heads, they have a crappy life to the point of being RELIEVED of being away from their lives, they are delusional or they are jerks who don't know the true value of the thing in rheir lives.
You are weak. Useless. You think that you know things, and how to do these things, but in the end, believing that you know something is only that. Believing. In a world like RWBY, or any world plagued with mercyless beast like the Grimm, they are nothing more than a glorified cannon fodder.

So, at least, in this first chapter, I can clearly see that this will be, like Re: Zero, a realistic approach of a Self-Insert.

Thanks for publishing another wonderful story! I wish you luck with your RL and with your stories! And, as always, Thanks for reading this!
6/6/2019 c2 2Thomas Knightshade
So unlike Relic of the Future, you decided to adopt Ren and Nora. I hope we can save Summer and see how it would affect the story. As always, see you in the next chapter.
6/6/2019 c2 Guest
Haha being in the past well and truly complicates things if you want the future you I know of you have to stay out of the way and let tonne say of good people die in the attack in Vale, you can't trust the big players and anything could happen... huh I've juts realised this but even those who work for Salem and Ozpin might not be the some may be alive who we never met in the future and Lionheart might actually still live up to his name as he hasn't met Salem and become absolutely terrified of dieing yet. Originally before I saw the comment on Pyrrhas age along with Ren and Nora I thought you were even further back like in the time period of Tock and Maria as I thought the whole thing would be where STRQ were still in school e.t.c. Actually I haven't thought about it before but it may explain how Ozpin lost to Cinder how old was he he didn't really look it but he was headmaster when STRQ went to Beacon and was likely already a veteran huntsman by then for all we know he was in his 50s and his body wearing down... saying that somehow makes the whole jump to Oscars body seem even creepier which shouldn't be possible.
6/6/2019 c1 3Chaotic Pheonix
Well crap I was joking but now my Sadist side is asking for worse to happen Hehehehehe
6/6/2019 c2 Xellos1
Ok, I thought that this was farther back in the timeline. Considering Ren and Nora's ages this is probably after Ruby was born but before Summer dies. Can't wait to see where your going to take this.
6/6/2019 c2 2merendinoemiliano
Nice job, can't wait to see more.
6/4/2019 c1 Guest
Your in the time of team STRQ aren't you? This is going to be confusing and interesting
6/4/2019 c1 Crozz88
Ok if i had to take a gamble about the to people hiding in the trunk I think that maybe it would be 2 of the main story characters like Ren and Nora
Also this sounds like a good story
6/4/2019 c1 merendinoemiliano
Sounds epic, best of luck to your alter ego. If is settled in the past, i hope for Hummingbird, good work.
6/4/2019 c1 3Chaotic Pheonix
Welp he’s screwed I’m sorry but it’s true it doesn’t matter how long he survives it’s gonna creep up and Butter his rolls
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