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4/23 c6 Jiiro
So just rereading this and actually paying attention to the typists notes and just gotta say: I'd expect Jessse to make a joke of it and go: The Emperor protects instead of Deus Vult
4/19 c21 Eeyore3061
Buildings that can withstand Storms/Hurricanes in the tropics .. yeah, that reminds me of the Monolithic Dome called 'Dome of a Home' in Pensacola, FL that has withstood a few storms (Ivan for one) stubbing its toe on it in passing.

Though, methinks, The Boys would need more infrastructure (generators, blowers, concrete sprayers, etc) to construct one of their designs, so I can see them staying with the Igloo style domes (just don't forget to put them up on a perimeter wall (say ~4' to ~8' high) because you'll run out of head room on a ground level dome very fast. ;)

Yes, btw, I completely love this story .. and I'm only sorry that the High Tech (fusion from the Disney/Kingdom Hearts/Star Wars/Ready Player One Universe, Warp Drive from ST:TNG, whatever from Ringworld) that Willow and company gets is in the Omakes.
4/14 c22 Joshua the Hand Written
This story is fantastic. I'm loving the farce.
4/11 c22 Verina Du'Arden
Another GREAT story that I hope to read more of real soon!
4/1 c22 Moi
I'd like to see some evolving magic if you're going to keep writing this. Like using runes without blood, or using their materials from the shop for something more or training in spells from all the books they got on sharks. Hell, even getting some more books translated by anyone but Willow because it feels like too much depends on her
1/24 c22 Catchfire
Absolutely adore this fic. Not sure exactly what direction it's going in but it's going in a good direction. It's both has plotis without plot. ugh I don't know what I'm saying here. But it's damn good! Please continue it whenever.

I saw that you apparently go through typists/editors like crazy. I just wanted to suggest that you or them might consider trying the various handwriting to text converter apps.
That way you can just scan it inthen have the editor go over it to polish it.
Just a thought.

Can't wait to see more.
Have you thought about doing a second fuc that's set sometime in the future when first Giles then Buffy come to town.
It would be hilarious to see Buffy go running to a clueless Giles. Because she ran into them while patrollingthen watched a bunch of Vampires being scared off by them.
Plus I'd love to see Willow lecturing Giles on the various demonswhat they're really like. Then dragging him off to meet various ones.
Plus Buffy casually meeting the demons as wellthem not being phased by her would be cool.
But don't give up the younger ones either because they're delightfully entertaining!
Could you imagine the look on Giles face once he caught sight of Willow's collection of books? They'd never get him out of there. Could be a joke where they casually notice him but don't pay attention until someone realizes he's been there for daysneeds to be sent home.

Anyway can't wait for more but I'm notorious for waiting years for fics to be finished/updated. I just tend to reread everything before going on.

So update this unique gem whenever.
1/21 c22 Empire10K
this an amazing fanfic

a really original one which is getting increasingly rare, I hope it keeps going
1/19 c22 Harold Lloyd
I am not a vegetarian because I love animals.
I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Also, what a horrible waste of maple syrup.

Next time, try V8 or pureed tomatoes, celery, and onions.

Hmm. I wonder what they'd get with crude oil or tar from the La Brea Tar Pits?
1/18 c22 1WBH21C
LOL! So very well done!
1/17 c22 Raiju001
Love the story and how it is progressing! If Buffy ends up coming here she is going to find herself outclassed by these 5 lol! all the Omakes are hilarious and make it a little hard to remember what is "canon" lol. Great Job all and thank you for the story!
1/17 c1 3Damien Evermere
ever thought of doing a reading/watching/reaction story using the canon version of the characters and one of your stories i can guarantee itll go down a treat
1/16 c22 56VizeerLord
wrong... so wrong
1/16 c22 BMS
1/16 c22 sparky40sw
harsh last sentence - sounds like a judge talking
thanks for continuing this delightful story
1/16 c22 userid
A small 6 inch door for passing pipes/power/communications. Solar hot water is as easy as placing a metal tank or even just a coil of pipe in a sunny spot and can work for both hot water and heating.

Running communication lines lets them still have phones at the other side base camp. Can also setup a party line between the different camps and the individual bedrooms to quickly find where they are when not in a group.
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