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5/22 c23 Guest
enjoying the story, hope you upload again soon
5/19 c7 Mastersgtjames
Really cannot wait for this story to be continued, or to see the shenanigans once Buffy shows up... Giles will break his glasses from cleaning so hard...
5/10 c23 Talon5Krrde
What is they throw an Anchor Marker through the chest with the 'Pirate' Town, make a Wardrobe, and discover that it is Firefly? lol
4/27 c23 1arewin
Brilliant fic… can’t wait for more
4/5 c23 Buffy101
This is freakin awesome!

Please continue this and let them power up in otherworlds from martial arts to magic!

Imagine using the breathing style in demonslayers plus hamon in jojo!

They can even learn magic from Rin Tohsaka and sword arts from archer if they somehow found a way to help them in the holy grail war.

Heck! If they find a way to smuggle Archer from the fate multiverse, he'll extra grateful!
4/4 c23 Charlesincharge3
This is so good!
3/11 c23 DragonsDragons
(I’d log in rather than leaving an anonymous review, but the site is fritzing out and not letting me. Stupid FFN.)
(Don’t even bother trying to respond to this, I guess.)
I was very excited when I saw this fic update in my inbox! It’s been a while since this particular one updated last, so I was very happy.
Anyway, I was just going to put the bee in your head of maybe looking into posting on Ao3 as well as here. It’s a lot easier to find fics people want to read there, and there’s a lot less negativity because there’s more people can do against trolls and such. Additionally, the site regularly works (*it* ways lets me log in) and isn’t slowly falling to pieces.
Just thought I’d put a bug in your ear about it.
Thanks so much for writing this stuff and sharing it with us. It’s great!
3/10 c23 forgottenspartan529
It's great to see the story again please keep up the good work man
3/8 c23 Hatata
I truly believe this story may actually finish one day, and I'll be truly sad when it does. Thank you for this.
3/7 c23 Harry Marshall
While I'm not all that keen on the omake, I am enjoying the story... looking forward to when you get to the main timeline, to see how Buffy and Giles react!
3/5 c23 3Damien Evermere
an interesting idea for an omake is them opening a door to the canon Buffyverse
It has been a long time since I've been on I was going through my old emails and found this and I'm really glad I decided to re thread this. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed reading fanfiction like this. So thank you for being my favorite author when I was more involved in Fandom.

I sincerely hope your doing well!
3/3 c23 7Riniko22
Might need to put pictures on the doors to keep very sleepy people from surprising the wrong parents.
3/2 c23 Son of sea 9 tail
Is it wrong that I that my mind was in the gutter when she said box at wast and him not being dressed I wasn’t thinking hand holding
3/2 c23 13Anhkmorpork
If you have a pair of go in one come out the other doors, you can set up a gravity powered generator by putting one above the other. Water turbine, pipe, funnel, two doors. You wouldn't be able to set it up as a closed loop, so have the output from the turbine above a funnel. Wouldn't make much power without being huge, but is slightly more "look at the cool thing I made" than solar panels on the desert world with wires coming through a door.
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