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for Face On the Milk Carton

9/27/2019 c19 Green Eyed Lana Lee
Good Lord! What a mess!

I hope they find out who tried to kill Hermione!

I feel bad for Harry and the Cold boy!

Happy Writing!
9/27/2019 c19 5Blue Luver5000
Wonderful story, cannot wait for more!
9/26/2019 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Love this update soon but tale your time with it
9/26/2019 c19 MotekElm
nice plot twist
9/26/2019 c19 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Very sweet
9/26/2019 c19 Fast Frank
So Delores, when is The Ministry going to declare love potions a "Dark Art"?
9/26/2019 c19 16FlowerChild23
Those girls are going to be in big trouble.
9/26/2019 c19 3Charlee56
Wow! Great chapter! Cannot wait for the Big Reveal!
9/26/2019 c19 23Rori Potter
Oh wow. Update soon.
9/26/2019 c19 6starlite22
I’m surprised there wasn’t more focus on Hermione being pushed down the stairs. She could have died? They don’t know who the did it or why, to much in love potions and not enough on who tried to kill her or concern for her. Why wasn’t there an investigation or the auroras called?the whole school should have been called to the hall and questioned?
9/26/2019 c19 everything-is-black-and-white
Great chapter!
9/26/2019 c19 Royan Granger-Nott
Oh wow, what a rollercoaster chapter. Heads will roll! How very sad about Sirius’ story.. thanks for this chapter
9/26/2019 c18 Royan Granger-Nott
Uh oh, who has been messing with Harry? And I can see we are heading for a big tear fest with Hermione and Theo... let the drama begin
9/26/2019 c19 Cecily Mitchell
Oh no! I hope those girls get the book thrown at them!
9/26/2019 c19 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome chapters! I absolutely adore this story. I’m so glad they figured out it was love potion. Excited to find out who administered the potions and that the truth is revealed. Hope Themione and Trarry are soon to be on the mend. I kind of hope Draco and Luna get together:)
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