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9/22/2019 c18 1Chantal9
Oh, foolish foolish guy! Could he be any more oblivious? Hermione shouldn't let that get too far out of hand...maybe ask Draco what he thinks from a guy's p.o.v., esp a guy who probably knows Theo the best and who definitely loves his sister best of all. That is going to become a serious problem for them both if they don't communicate and fix things...Hermione has a Quidditch team worth of men who will be after Theo's wellbeing (to put it nicely!) if he hurts her, intentionally or not!

And what about these threatening letters? Has Hermione showed them to anyone? It seems rather irresponsible to ignore them based on her varied history of hate mail and threats for alleged discretions over the years. I have a feeling she's going to regret that decision.

I love Hermione's first interaction with Luna! Ginny seems to be a real leech on their group of friends, trying to suck the life out of their happiness and camaraderie. It's really a shame the youngest Weasleys are letting their insecurities and envy get in the way of being a part of this newly formed tight knit group of friends and family. I hope they don't do anything that they can't take back.
9/22/2019 c18 Banshee Black
"Hermione realized that while she could trust Theo, she probably shouldn't trust Broadmoor too much."
Indeed, and remember she's a Malfoy when the time comes to set her straight...
9/22/2019 c18 MotekElm
great chapter. I'm afraid this is a hint that Ginny has managed to potion Harry into seeing her
9/21/2019 c18 21katmom
Uh oh...Broadmoor, Ginny, nasty letters...ugh.

Um, Harry? What about Tracy?
9/21/2019 c18 2NatRose17
Awesome. Maybe Hermione can ask Narcissa for advice about Broadmoor situation, it could be a bonding experience. I really love their relationship, it's so mature and sweet.
9/21/2019 c18 shaymars
Wonder how long it will take Hermione to figure out Ginny gave Harry a love portion or something. I say not long
9/21/2019 c18 IGOTEAMEDWARD
Thank you! Curious, very curious. You can't trust anything at face value.
9/21/2019 c18 5BeachGirl114
Poor Hermione. Theo is pretty oblivious not to notice the other girl is very interesting in him. Can not wait for the next chapter
9/21/2019 c18 6starlite22
Was nice to see Luna become part of the story, hopefully she becomes one of Hermiones friends.
9/21/2019 c18 25Sorceress of Magic
I don’t like this mean girl! And hopefully harry isn’t under a spell or potion or anything
9/21/2019 c18 Cecily Mitchell
Ooh the teen angst...and really, Theo should’ve shut Broadmoor’s behavior down. Just let someone start flirting with Hermione like that. And I hope Harry hasn’t run into any weird substances lately. Tracey might be right to be worried.
9/21/2019 c18 23Rori Potter
Intriguing. Update soon.
9/18/2019 c17 3Charlee56
I just finished all 17 chapters and I'm on fire about this great storyl !
Please, please do keep up with this. I'm faving you here!
9/18/2019 c17 Royan Granger-Nott
Thank you for the update. Already looking forward to the next chapter.. when will Harry really learn? And Rob.. what a nah, never mind
9/17/2019 c17 MotekElm
great chapter
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