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8/23/2019 c14 25mystripedskirt
There will be nothing funnier than Theo walking into the pool after seeing Hermione's swimsuit. I'm glad she told the girls. And that they want to date Slytherins.

Narcissa is a funny mum. Draco, indeed.

Hermione handled herself so well during the attack. I figured Sirius would be pleased. Glad Lucius is coming around.

Great chapter! x
8/23/2019 c14 IGOTEAMEDWARD
Thanks for the update.
8/23/2019 c14 3Karatekid-Ninja
Love love love how Hermione reacted in this chapter. I can’t wait for more xx
8/21/2019 c14 kpop1392as
Huh, are the family going to interrogate Morwen and her husband then? Since she was the reason for their ambush. I enjoyed reading this chapter and I just love how quick on her feet Hermione is. I like that even in a moment of chaos, she was able to get herself together and come with a plan. Do you think she would ever take some muggle self-defense classes with her mom and other family members?

I really enjoyed the shopping trip and that even Narcissa planned to make Lucius speechless with some of her purchases. Good luck with the internet situation! I hope you enjoy the break from the net.
8/21/2019 c14 Ash
Nice story. Awesome.

Yeah. The Weasley Twins seems like good people. Not that close to Hermione and Harry, which is understandable since they’re older. Ron is on his jealousy, selfish, stupidity, and narcissistic acts. Molly is running cold and hot in public and private. It seems like Ginny doesn’t know WHAT she wants. Like she’s deciding; undecided. And Arthur is just plain oblivious and hen-pecked.

The Malfoys seems look good parents and people, just ... rich. Probably the richest.

Good to know Hermione’s slowly fitting in and growing up. She’s using her brain like a Slytherin. Lol.

Poor Sirius, stuck at home all the time. The memories and flashbacks must be beyond painful.

Harry. Someone please tell him to stop arguing with Hermione. Lol. He’s not going to win with her; not by a long shot!

Nice to know that Draco has friends in Slytherins. Not lackeys.

Please update ASAP!
8/21/2019 c14 Banshee Black
"My only concern is my father apparating into Lucius's bathroom in his haste to cement an alliance between our Houses. Or, worse, Sirius's bedroom."
Theo shudders. I laugh. Hard. How much to have it happen ?
"AK them and hide the bodies?"
Go Sirius !
8/20/2019 c14 Guest
They have not kissed under a full moon!
CH. 12 states "The show ended with a new moon, causing the stars to glitter brightly overhead"
It's no less smooth on Theos part if it was under twinkling stars and a new moon, so maybe you can correct either this chapter or chapter 12?
I read this far too often to not notice such minor details:)
8/20/2019 c14 Guest
*Loudly* l can't believe l find myself, for once, in agreement with Black, considering that l have NEVER, EVER been a fan of his, but he's right in this matter, if someone tried to 'get rid' of me, there would be he'll to pay...
8/20/2019 c14 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Very lovely
8/20/2019 c14 GMGaby
Wohooo Hermione rocked that self defense lesson. Sirius is a riot, he trusts Hermione and it’s so matter of fact, “AK and hide the bodies” half the time I’m not completely sure he is totally kidding, he is a Black after all.
Narcissa had a bit more of a presence in this chapter, she made her opinion known and I like the glimpse of her life aside from her family.
Great chapter!
8/20/2019 c14 21katmom
Hr for the win!
8/20/2019 c14 mega700201
8/20/2019 c14 ReaderRabid2
Good job, Hermione! But who sent the thugs?
8/20/2019 c14 everything-is-black-and-white
Very nice chapter!
8/20/2019 c14 Capecodcanal
Love it! Curious who is after them!
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