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for Face On the Milk Carton

8/16/2019 c13 Calimocho
Thanks for the awesome chapter!
8/16/2019 c13 CatPeach
Great chapter, but I’m hoping Hermoine keeps up fighting for her independence and not letting them suffocate her through pure blood practices.
8/15/2019 c13 Fallow56
xxxxx Kudos xxxxx : )
8/15/2019 c13 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Really sweet go on
8/15/2019 c13 GMGaby
The first half of the chapter, I was baffled about Sirius and Harry’s acceptance of Molly’s high handed attitude. But the take down was beautiful.

However wouldn’t she need a formal reprimand? something from both Houses (Malfoy and Black) seeing that Hermione is a Heir to one and daughter of the other, for her to back down permanently, however that still leaves Harry open for Molly’s machinations.

Hermione reciting potions ingredients in order to wait out her dad? Brilliant!.
I found the boys regretful attitude, sweet. They are self centered, but then again they are around 15 so it fits with their age and they offered to take her out later, which I imagine is their way of apologizing.

And now that Hermione has reminded the adults of the awful position they put her in, would they do something?
Great chapter!
8/15/2019 c13 3Karatekid-Ninja
Such a great chapter. Really loving this story xx
8/13/2019 c12 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Fantastic chapter! Please keep on going
8/8/2019 c12 frances2
I have to say that I really enjoy your writing style. I like how you kept Harry and Dudley together to try a start behaving like a family. Thank you for taking the time and effort in writing and sharing your story.
8/8/2019 c12 IGOTEAMEDWARD
Awesome :)
8/8/2019 c12 Fallow56
xxxxx Kudos xxxxx : )
8/8/2019 c12 mega700201
Thank you
8/8/2019 c12 pphrts
Aww, so sweet Theo! looking forward to reading more.
8/8/2019 c12 kpop1392as
Lol I enjoyed reading this chapter and how Hermione found loop holes to get back at Lucius. I love that Narcissa is amused and approves of Hermione's schemes. I enjoyed reading about their date too, Theo and Hermione are so cute.
8/7/2019 c12 ReaderRabid2
Love love love! Omg, Theo is swoon worthy here!
8/7/2019 c12 Fast Frank
A fun chapter. (but now I'm worrying what Umbridge is planning behind the scenes)
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