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7/13/2019 c8 CatPeach
I love this Hermione, she is awesome! Hope after the tournament we get a little romance? But excellent pacing of the story. Can’t wait for he next chapter.
7/13/2019 c8 10jamcreynolds
Excellent as always. I adore the relationship she has with Lucius. I want someone to call me My Treasure lol...update when you can and than you much for this wonderful update. Are you willing to say what the pairing will be?
7/13/2019 c8 Banshee Black
"Or getting a gun. One to the head would finish off even the most powerful of wizards."
Brilliant. I vote for this one.
"That way when the shite hits the fan we can truthfully say we had no clue what they planned."
Clever Neville. Amazing how a simple Stupefy wors wonders...
This chapter is awesome !
7/13/2019 c8 ReaderRabid2
This chapter was great! It covered a lot of ground and I loved the humor and sharper edge to Hermione— the I need to talk to a dog about a bone was funny and overall I get a really good “Veronica mars” vibe to your Hermione which is great! Smart, cynical , and sharp yet soft for those she cares for.
7/13/2019 c8 6starlite22
Thanks for the update, enjoying this story. Hope harry ditches Ron soon, and stays well away from Ginny.
7/12/2019 c8 muzzarae
Loving this story. Kudos on a great chapter
7/12/2019 c8 kpop1392as
Ooo I like how the group are preparing for when Harry gets abducted. I was amused with the idea of Remus and Sirius moving/ flipping headstones to fool Riddle. I like how mature Hermione is and like that even though she can be very mature, she is still a young girl who wants to belong in this world.
7/12/2019 c8 Guest
Figures that The Weasel took the last seat on the carriage instead of offering it to Hermione, his family might be one of the sacred eight, but the boorish oaf sure as hell don't deserve to be part of it, even if your family is poor there is such a thing call 'Manners'...
7/12/2019 c8 GMGaby
I’m glad H took a stand against the girls using her for gossip. Even better that they were able to talk and enjoy themselves later. Ginny and Lavender seem too interesting in Harry being a heir now.
Ron is petty and immature. I hope his attitude backfired on him.
Switching the head stones seems like a good idea, but at this point I think switching the bodies would have been easier.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
7/12/2019 c1 38Snaperipper
Great job so far. I am really enjoying this story.
7/10/2019 c7 CatPeach
I’d really like Harry and Hermione to be together, but Hermione and Theo would be good also, but my least favorite is Krum and Hermione. Good story so far and good writing, looking forward to the next chapter
7/3/2019 c7 cozybits
Yayyy updates! I love this story so much! Thank you!
7/2/2019 c7 Monnbeam
love the story and how it is playing out
7/2/2019 c7 2Shorty653
Love it. It's terrific.
7/2/2019 c1 Sciathin Fae
Love this story!
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