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6/19/2019 c5 Guest
‘“Hermione! No!" she rushed forward, pulling the brush from her hand. "No, my darling. Never brush dry curls. Not unless you are about to wash them.”’

As a girl growing up with a mom who had straight, glossy hair, I wish Narcissa had been there to tell me that! Brushing ANY curls dry will result in a brushy, frizzy cloud of hair. Always thought part of Hermione’s hair problems were lack of knowledge of how to care for curly hair. It kinda bothered me that she went from two extremes: bushy and uncared for, and slicked straight with Sleakeazy...and that she was only considered beautiful with her shiny straight hair. Curls, when cared for properly, can be just as pretty! And yet unless your curls are glossy and manufactured by curling irons (not real), and not natural curls, your hair is seem as unprofessional and even unkempt. Major pet peeve of mine...I guess Jo Rowling didn’t know any better, seeing as her own hair is straight and smooth like my mom’s. Still wondering why Hermione looks so different from the Malfoys...does Narcissa actually favor the Black family with dark hair? I know canon usually assumed she has light blonde hair like Draco and Lucius, but it would be interesting if that’s not the case and she favored the looks of Sirius, Andromeda, and Bellatrix more! Also wondering now after what Narcissa said this chapter if Andromeda will be making an appearance?

OH! And has “Moody” gotten his hands on the Marauder’s Map yet? If he hasn’t, that could be a good way to change things! Like, Harry and Hermione could see Alastor Moody’s name in his office on the map and go to see him for advice on the second task because “he” helped Harry in the first...only, when they get to his office, they wouldn’t see Moody because Crouch Jr. is somewhere else and didn’t show up on the map in his office. Harry and Hermione get suspicious, snoop around, find the real Moody that shows up on the map and floo the Malfoys for help?
6/19/2019 c5 Cecily Mitchell
That. That dinner convo was hilarious and awesome and at times slightly heartbreaking. I loved it.
6/19/2019 c5 10jamcreynolds
Excellent! Cant wait to read more!
6/19/2019 c1 jilumasam
very interesting story so far. your writing is getting better.

looking forward to more.
6/18/2019 c5 GMGaby
I’ve been following your story from the beginning, I’m noticing how in every chapter your writing gets better. As the plot continues the character nuances come alive.
Molly, Ginny are calculating and manipulative. Ron is still immature. Pansy was a riot this chapter, how delusional this girl could get. How Hermione put her down on her place was masterful.
Can we have Harry and Draco match with Tracy and Daphne please? Lol. I’m changing my opinion from last week I don’t wish Pansy on anyone.
6/18/2019 c4 jamcreynolds
Excellent story so far, I cant wait to read more.
6/14/2019 c4 Guest
Brilliant chapter
6/14/2019 c4 8FlowerChild23
lol. oh man. This should be very interesting indeed.
6/13/2019 c4 19Kallanit
I agree with the reviewers who want to see Hermione with Viktor. He's been a rock to her while her world is turning upside down. I know it has a lot to do with him being older and therefore more mature but she needs that in a partner after everything that's happened. Harry is too emotionally stunted to be that rock, while Blaise is too frivolous and shallow. I'm not sure about Theo but that doesn't feel right either. Neville is a possibility, he's solid, supportive reliable and caring, but Viktor feels right in a way no one else does - - the way you've written them, they already feel like they're in love and in a long-term relationship.

Of course, the big question is, what will happen to Hermione as a Malfoy once Voldemort is back - - Viktor could be somewhere safe for her to escape to if need be. As a pureblood who attended Durmstrang, a match with him would hopefully be acceptable to the blood purists, all the while getting her out of harm's way. Harry will need her, I know, even with Sirius safe and free, but it would be a good safety net for her, which is something the Malfoys would definitely want after all that's happened, just like they feel an elf bonded to Hermione personally will also be good protection.

Just to shake up the canon pairings a little, I wouldn't mind seeing Harry with Tracey rather than Ginny. Tracey feels like she'd be more grounded and open-minded than someone who, at this point in canon, is nothing more than an obsessed fangirl - - after all, in canon, Hermione didn't seem to have problems with Daphne or Tracey, only with Pansy and Millicent. It would be good for Harry to branch out away from his small circle and be exposed to other points of view than Ron Weasleys. Harry is so used to Ron guiding him about the wizarding world that he's kind of formed the habit of of letting Ron do his thinking for him, but as Ron has a very narrow and rigid worldview, it's time Harry started thinking for himself, which is what Sirius was trying to help Harry begin to see in their mirror conversation.

Good work. Your story is going very well so far. The emotions are believable and well portrayed, and I'm curious to see how events will play out.
6/13/2019 c4 34kelpie169
Yay! Daddy!Lucius is nailing this teenage daughter thing. Love it! Enjoy you're vacation and I'll be eagerly awaiting the next update. :)
6/13/2019 c3 kelpie169
I love this so much! I hardly ever read anything with Tracey as a fleshed out character so I'm excited to see what you do with her! And I love Sirius! Both his package and note to Hermione and the rollicking he gave to Harry. Awesome job darlin!
6/13/2019 c3 GMGaby
Wow really liking the personality you have given Sirius, he has both sides of the issue present, and knows that Hermione is a good friend to Harry. So glad he talked to him and made him see how poorly he was treating his friend.
As a side note I want Harry and Pansy to happen now lol
Never say never Harry.
6/13/2019 c4 GMGaby
I’m loving how Harry is getting to know more about his parents via Lucius.
Draco, Theo and Harry are having a chance to bond and this will change significantly the story. Really liking how the plot is going.
6/13/2019 c3 IGOTEAMEDWARD
Brilliant start. I'm looking forward to see where you take it
6/13/2019 c3 Guest
I don’t have time to write a super long review right now, but I adore Sirius! He knows the value of true friendship and I’m so glad he got Harry to come around and see that he was only seeing it from his own point of view, not Hermione’s, considering it was HER life that was turned upside down and torn apart, not Harry’s. Harry does have a habit of being very “me-centered” without realizing it. It’s good Sirius stopped that in its tracks! I also love Viktorvand I’m hoping he and Hermione end up together, not Theo, which I’m guessing it’s headed towards because Theo is tagged. Nothing against Theo, but I love Hermione and Viktor together! Let Theo just be a friend!
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