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for Face On the Milk Carton

3/6/2022 c64 LAB1
This was a great story! I don't think I've ever read a Theo Nott and Hermione story before and it was fantastic! You managed to make the Malfoys likeable even!
3/4/2022 c9 Guest
Mrs Figg wouldn’t have hospital bills, this is set in Britain we have the NHS, we don’t have hospital bills
2/27/2022 c64 EmiSchwalger
I absolutely loved this! It’s now on my favorites list! Thank you!
2/1/2022 c64 FotoDi
12/21/2021 c58 1Majerus
A quick request: Please remember to mark your lemons. Some of us need to be discreet with our reading and fanfics are already outside of 'work appropriate material. But 'porn' is way beyond the line... Yeah, I can just read your stories outside of work, but as you have warned in the past and have not included a preponderance of smut, I thought I was safe. Just a request, make of it what you will.

So, I forgot the above review/request was here. I had a network outage and, since I had multiple tabs open (for this exact reason), I just kept on reading.
12/21/2021 c64 Majerus
A bit rushed at the end but I've ranted all I'll rant, it is a time for kudos. First of all, thanks for finishing this. Second, good job on world-building and the fun characters. There were quite a few intriguing ideas and, something of a pet peeve of mine, you fulfilled the Tags you used: Romance/Drama. Very nice job with both, and some very hot lemons in the bargain :)
Lastly, I see that this is your first work and I am quite envious that you are as good as you are, despite my gripes to the contrary. (I'm just an arsehole when it comes to little details). I look forward to your other tales and hope you and yours have a safe, sane, happy, and loving Christmas.
12/21/2021 c62 Majerus
A bit of a rant here. So, they had three death eaters in custody. They had full opportunity to use veritaserum on three guys with dark marks. And yet, at the very least, LeStrange's memories of Riddle did not lead anywhere?
No, instead, they throw two of them into sievekaban and kill the one with inside knowledge of Riddle. What a crock of shite. Apparently, Bones is as pathetic as Fudge, which is, of course, not true... it just fits the easy way of not involving the Ministry in the battle against Riddle and leaving all the pressure on the kids. How utterly, shamefully disappointing.

Hermione complains that she cannot do anything about (yet another) shitty DaDA teacher, yet she is one of the Three people who genuinely CAN do something: Lucius sits on the school board. Amelia Bones is in charge of the Aurors. They both have kids in their NEWT years. Do I need to spell it out? I get that you want to put (even more) pressure on the kids, but manufacturing unnecessary problems like this is, again, disappointing. You could have just as easily had a competent Auror giving standard, decent quality instruction that would still allow Hermione's perfectionism and Harry's higher-than-NEWT standards continue to offer instruction on the side.
12/21/2021 c61 Majerus
Well done on clarifying Bella's choice due to the magic of the Godmother bond, it does fit her "all or nothing" personality.
Obviously, things are going to get ugly before they get better, I just hope that... and I cannot believe I'm writing this... but I hope that Draco doesn't end up like Bella.
12/21/2021 c60 Majerus
I guess I could see Bella forgetting the Cup was in the vault? *shakes head*

A/N: If Bella managing to convince Hermione to change sides tempts someone's plot bunnies, please let me know so I can read it.
No, that's just... well... I mean... hmmm.
If it was well written, that could be mind-blowing!
12/21/2021 c59 Majerus
Holy Crap! So much to unpack here, and so many potential repercussions!
Bella sacrificing herself is a hard stretch, but doable. She's the very definition of mentally unstable, so saying "she wouldn't do that" simply cannot be applied as it would be to a sane person.
The idiots being allowed to attend an event with such a high Ministry presence was stupid at the very least.
The rest is all down to who survived and how well fudge can hide the truth - especially from himself. They have Rabastan in custody, they should be able to get a bead on Riddle's hidey-hole through him... Parkinson (a well-respected pureblood) will also have lots to say, especially when they pull up his sleeve. Of course, that assumes he's still alive - Bella did cast some spells! Again, this depends on fudgey... does he have the lot of them kissed before they can testify to Riddle's return or will Amelia have the truth out of them and into the department (and therefore everywhere else, security? What's that?) before he can spin his delusions along with his bowler hat?
12/20/2021 c11 lorlorgrace
okay this is probably nitpicking, but when you did hermiones inheritance test at gringotts you said narcissas middle name was Lyra, not Isadore!
12/20/2021 c51 Majerus
Nicely done, sexy stuff!
12/20/2021 c50 Majerus
Nice job with the romantic date, and an incredible place for their first time of intimacy.
12/20/2021 c49 Majerus
I love the idea of Pucey encouraging him to do things the "Gryffindor way".
I hate the idea that, with all the dork lord's sympathizers watching from the shadows, they openly discussed vital strategy whilst brazenly declaring their allegiance. Bad show...
12/20/2021 c48 Majerus
I'm really enjoying this story, and Hermione's ideas are usually wonderful and entertaining. The idea of making a place where magical kids could have summer fun would only be made better by it being year-round. Perhaps a pre-Hogwarts primer school, with emphasis on getting Muggle-raised half-bloods and Muggleborn an intro to the magical world that would not only keep them from being lost but also take away a huge complaint of the Purebloods: that the Muggles don't respect their traditions. This is of course, ridiculous; after all, how can those kids respect traditions that they've never been informed of?
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