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12/20/2021 c47 1Majerus
I really like how you portray the various house elves, they are a fun part of the 'verse and have a ton of potential which you seem to handle well, keeping them powerful without being OP.

My only quibble with the trial is the rule that the Defense Always Answers. That way, if the Prosecution raises a point, the Defense can answer/explain/deflect it. Past that it was a solid example of a trial. I'm just sad that tommy boy will probably have her sprung - and some innocent(s) will likely die in her liberation and later by her hand.
12/20/2021 c46 Majerus
I'm surprised that Luna would not be there as a special correspondent. You've kept my favorite Ravenclaw in the background so far and I keep hoping that you'll allow here more time to come out and play.
12/20/2021 c45 Majerus
Harry already told Hermione all of the same details about Merope last time, and nothing new was shared, so this was a lost meeting?

I will make inquiries into the remains of the monster."
Why would Snape inquire about the basilisk when he is Talking To HARRY? You know, the only one that can get them into the CoS!

I like the Uncle Orville arc, a nice way to bring family jewelry into the story.
12/20/2021 c44 Majerus
The yuck ending to last chapter made me forget the other notes I'd made for review, this is for ch 43:
Just a quick note to give you the highest of praise and thanks for working in elder care. Even without Covid it is a demanding, thankless, and exhausting job that is up there with police, fire-fighters, nurses, teachers, and first-responders as the truly "Essential" workers.

I own nothing, except for the cat, everyone agrees she belongs to me.
Huh... my wife and daughters are convinced that my cat owns me. The cat, of course, agrees.

Why would dumbles not have his hand covered by a glamour? Allowing the world to know that he is weak is utterly stupid and the effects of the curse would be known to riddle, leading him to protect his other toys. Very poorly thought out.

I have to admit that it really was a scathingly brilliant plan :)
12/20/2021 c43 Majerus
Shite... some of this story really does screw with my head. Well done, but... yuck!
12/20/2021 c42 Majerus
I'm disappointed with your Sluggy. Someone with literally decades of experience networking with children would not be so over-the-top at his first meeting.
12/20/2021 c40 Majerus
So, everything played out as expected, but no train station. Poo.
12/20/2021 c39 Majerus
Lots to unpack here!
First, English speaking with no accent. Second, fully versed in Muggle taser, yet also very aware of the tracking charm and use of a portkey. Third, used 'this time', leading us to believe that she is involved in the first kidnapping. Fourth, she did not recognize Harry, so she must have been mostly Muggle for quite some time. Last, she shocked Harry with intent to kill, so she's not just desperate, she's completely ruthless. On that note, we have no indication that anyone knows about Harry's Horcrux... will this lead him to a visit to an ethereal train station? Perhaps to 'meet' his mother?
12/20/2021 c38 Majerus
Damn, that was freaky and scary. Well played!
12/20/2021 c35 Majerus
"I randomly scan Harry and his stuff on a regular basis." Remus stared at her for a moment, before throwing his head back, roaring with laughter. "And I'll thank you not to tell him. He'll get all pissy about it."
That's more the Hermione I know and love lol
12/20/2021 c34 Majerus
dumbles may be a shite "action guy", but Harry should have taken the name from his vision to him, or told Sirius at the very least. The fact that Hermione didn't encourage him to do either is a plot-hole, sorry to say.
Ok, you fill this hole later... weeks later. :(
12/20/2021 c33 Majerus
The idea of he-with-too-many-names doing anything useful in a timely manner is the most AU concept of them all. Even when going after the Locket he placed Harry's life in danger. Not once in all of Harry's school years did dumbles place Harry's well-being and happiness above keeping topped up on his lemon drops.
12/20/2021 c32 Majerus
BTW, is "Toujours Forte" 'Always Strong'?
12/19/2021 c32 Majerus
Got the snake quote right, had no idea on the compulsion thing. How did she make it work? She didn't have a wand, no spell was cast, I do hope you explain as it's completely baffling me.
12/19/2021 c30 Majerus
I'm glad you're involving Tangle a bit more, it is a plot device until you give it a few more lines and some more character. I personally am looking forward to it complaining about how the toad tastes.
Is hem-hem using the blood quill? With how united the school is I'd have a hard time believing that it would be able to keep things hushed.
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