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for Face On the Milk Carton

12/10/2019 c30 Guest
You have my deepest sympathies. Thank you for even thinking of writing during such a difficult time. I hope you can find some solace and comfort, and your readers will patiently wait for when you have the time to write.
12/10/2019 c30 4crity2re
So sorry to hear about your losses. What tragedies!

Loved this postUmbitch is GENIUS. And Tangle is adorable! Keep it up. Post when you can and don't worry about the length or wait. We'll all be fine
12/10/2019 c30 Royan Granger-Nott
I don’t really like snakes but your fictional tangle somehow grows on me hehe. Great chapter with lots of content.
12/10/2019 c30 IGOTEAMEDWARD
Looks like you need re-upload. Thanks for the update.
12/10/2019 c30 1bookwerm98
Ugh Umbitch. Only character I genuinely hate.
12/10/2019 c30 14Lady Isabelle Black
Repost chapter please
You cant read it properly
12/10/2019 c30 25Sorceress of Magic
I’m sorry sorry about personal life stuff, thank you for still posting. This chapter had input issues but I still got through it. Leave it to Hermione to feel bad for the girls. I’m very surprised she didn’t lose it with Umbridge, I would have lol
12/10/2019 c30 weekes32
This chapter is a little mest up
12/10/2019 c30 Guest
the formatting is a mess, which makes the chapter unreadable, could you please fix it?
12/10/2019 c30 Anthro79
This story posted weirdly, was difficult to follow along
12/10/2019 c30 3Karatekid-Ninja
Good chapter. There is a formatting problem which makes it difficult to read but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

I pass on my condolences, knowing they won’t help or change anything you and yours will be in my thoughts. It is a tough lesson to have to teach, and an even tougher way to have to learn this lesson. Xxx
12/10/2019 c30 Guest
I'll have to read this after the format has been fixed.
12/10/2019 c30 6hufflepuffhugs
Can't read this chapter
12/10/2019 c30 3AlyssaWonderland
Something happened with your update,):
12/10/2019 c30 skelakey
Think you need to re upload this since there's a lot of code things
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