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for Face On the Milk Carton

12/10/2019 c30 1allstarcheergirl
I think something went wrong with upload
12/10/2019 c30 Banshee Black
Oh yes Tangle, be my guest and have a bite !
12/10/2019 c30 Guest
LOTS of coding, but nothing you can read :-(
12/10/2019 c30 2Shorty653
Whoops, I think something went wrong, it's all like HTML ..
12/10/2019 c30 Samb1988
please repost without formatting
12/10/2019 c30 annieharp84
Hi love your story. I think you should recheck your last chapter the font is all squished together
12/10/2019 c30 power214063
Please fix the formatting
12/10/2019 c30 MannysBookDragon
You might need to repost this. It looks more like coding with a bit of story in it lol
12/8/2019 c29 3Karatekid-Ninja
Brilliant as always! I love the general intersection Hermione has with other characters. Great job and I can’t wait for more xx
12/8/2019 c29 3Charlee56
I think this time a trap for Umbridge...
Hete's my suggestion: When she starts to try and break into the Room of Requirement, all the students kip off via specially pre-set exits directly into their own Common Rooms, which after their use then disappear.
Umbridge, Filch and minus her Toady Squad try to break in and in doing so, trigger the trap. They are caught in a Wizard's Trap; a cage whose bars dampen all magic of the trapped and render them as Squibs.
Leaving the both of them there for a few days with only a constantly refilling jug of water and a slops pail oughtta teach them both a thng or three. And it will certainly teach Umbridge the limits of her "power".
12/8/2019 c29 Royan Granger-Nott
I like how you wrote the scene with Theo’s father. And now there is more underground movement.. I like it. When will Umbridge get her comeuppance?
12/7/2019 c28 Royan Granger-Nott
Hahaha, only catching up now, very clever.. hehe
12/7/2019 c29 Banshee Black
Now that the girls are punished, let's see what Umbridge has coming...
12/5/2019 c1 TRexContemplates
Probably been brought up before but milk in Britain is mainly sold in glass or plastic bottles? Same in 1994 & British wizarding world probably uses glass exclusively.
Missing children's photos have been tried a few times year 2000 & after as experiment. Only one that stands out is Lee Boxall (vanished 1988) as he was from local area.
A little research or britpicking would have brung this info to light. Many Brit's get irate with such basic mistakes - I don't. I just politely pass any details lacking.

Wizarding Britain & Europe probably has much more efficient ways of circulating a child's photo?

Still I enjoy premise of this fic & will indulge later on when on my three our train journey home.
12/5/2019 c29 25Sorceress of Magic
Nice New Years and retribution!
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