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for Face On the Milk Carton

12/1/2019 c28 6starlite22
Something has happened to the formatting, it all runs into one, making it hard to read. Hope you are feeling better soon.
12/1/2019 c28 Capecodcanal
Interesting! I’m glad Harry is hanging out with Neville. The meeting with the twins was fun to read!
12/1/2019 c28 21katmom
Excellent plan.
12/1/2019 c28 4crity2re
Brilliant chapter, although I think your formatting has gone wonky again...there seems to be a lack of double returns.

Loved the setup and the execution of the prank! Really wonderful. And Lucius' payback at Cormack.

Thanks for the update!
12/1/2019 c28 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
great chapter but please edit this for easier readability!
12/1/2019 c28 2Amriel96
I love this story and im sorry you arent well but it unreadable due to the lack of paragraphs. I do adore the story and it is amazing!
11/27/2019 c27 Banshee Black
I love each and every part of this chapter.
11/26/2019 c19 Kallanit
I've been convinced it was Umbridge who pushed Hermione down the stairs, but I was rereading and it struck me that the witnesses who saw Hermione fall didn't see who pushed her... could it perhaps have been Ron under Harry's invisibility cloak? I'm looking forward to the reactions if it was.
11/25/2019 c16 Yali.Page
I have been really enjoying the story so far and the Malfoy twist, but I really don’t like this Ginny, and the original Ginny is one of my favorite characters...
11/25/2019 c27 4crity2re
Ooooo... I think Theo may get a talking to from Lucius!
11/25/2019 c27 mega700201
11/25/2019 c27 Capecodcanal
Sweet chapter!
11/25/2019 c27 szabo.alexandra1991
this story is keep getting better. I loved tangle. thanks for the update. virtual hug
11/25/2019 c27 Ice Demon Ranger
Photo album was an awesome addition.
Thanks for sharing.
11/25/2019 c27 19Kallanit
Tiny, emerald green, highly intelligent, highly venomous ZITHna snake... I love the Eddings reference!

Dumbledore, however, is a pain in the rear. He definitely has an agenda and can't be trusted.

The photo album Hermione and Draco put together for Lucius and Narcissa was hilarious, as was the way Hermione treated Adrian's cousins. I actually applauded her for that!

I'm looking forward to seeing Narcissa and Andromeda together.

I can't remember (I need to go back and reread) but are they aware of the Horcrux in Harry? I can't see Sirius agreeing that Harry has to die to get it out of him, and I look forward to finding out what Sirius does about it, when the time comes. A Gringotts curse breaker, perhaps? A spell, potion or ritual he finds in the very Dark Black library? Some venom from Tangle, followed by phoenix tears? Something else altogether? It's always interesting to see the different ways various fanfic writers come up with for dealing with that.
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