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for Dragon Chronicles 2: Harry Potter, Dragon Whisperer

7h c33 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Fun chapter and thanks for sharing!
3/16 c33 Phazex
Keep it coming; I love your writing. You have a unique talent.
3/14 c33 11MiraQuinn
more? I was in the middle of a good story!

*looks under the website, and under the desk for more pages*
3/9 c23 Guest
It's a good thing to see that Harry still remembers his friends, and I can't wait to see Harry's reaction to the hatching
3/9 c22 Guest
Really good first intro for the communication mirrors
3/9 c16 Guest
So Harry's ideas are helping him use new magic, neat
3/9 c15 Guest
Interesting glimpse into Albania.
3/9 c14 Guest
I really liked the description of the dragon and the politics lesson with Sirius
3/9 c13 Guest
Loved Harry's internal monologue
3/9 c12 Guest
Really good chapter
3/9 c11 Guest
Loved the chapter, it was really nice seeing Harry interact with Daphne
3/9 c10 Guest
It was a really interesting chapter. I certainly hope to continue to see Harry's growth
3/9 c9 Guest
Awesome chapter
3/9 c8 Guest
Really good chapter. Loved their first meeting
3/9 c7 Guest
It was really nice seeing Neville again
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