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for Dragon Chronicles 2: Harry Potter, Dragon Whisperer

4/13 c33 5Lewis James Potter
Hope you do more chapters Great
4/8 c33 soren26
I absolutely NEED more of this story! I mean, come on! You can't just leave us hanging like that, right? I'm in love with what you've done so far and need more!
4/4 c33 Finnspa23
Ahh I love it! More please you have created such a cool story! I really hope to see more of it one day :) thanks for sharing
4/4 c26 Fick Chick
Didn't you say in Muggleborn Champion that Quirrel died on Halloween? That would have been before giving Hagrid a dragon egg so why would Norberta be in Romania...and named Norberta.
4/4 c23 Finnspa23
Loving this story/series! Hope you pick it back up as I'm getting close to the last posted Chapter!
4/3 c2 Finnspa23
Haha I love it! Write more please this is great
3/21 c33 17Debra N
You have another great chapter here. Harry and Daphne's date was delightful. Amelia finally charging Albus now makes sense, hopefully Fudge with have the sense to side with them. I also like seeing Harry reconnect with his friends. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
3/3 c33 SailorAquos16
Amazing story, absolutely amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter. please update when you are able. this is becoming one of my favorite Harry Potter stories, and I have read A LOT. Thank you so much for the amazing story!
2/7 c33 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a really great (re)read so far. Would love to see more of this.
Sure hope you find your way back to it at some point, if real life permits!
2/7 c33 DivergenteGrifindoriana02
I am so excited and loving on this, is just so wonderfuly written and I cannot wait for the day you start writting again
2/4 c33 Charice Fourre
I am loving your story and cant wait for more, found it after reading you Heroes assembled one which i also enjoyed reading. this story intrigued me at the word dragon and am so looking forward to reading what happens next.
2/3 c33 morgannac64
2/2 c33 Millie072
Did some checking and can't believe I didn't review chapter 33. After the umpteenth reading of the Dragon Whisperer saga, it's about time. This is checked on a regular basis for updates in case FF hasn't set notification. Although I not enthralled with Harry getting serious with Daphne at his age, it's very well portrayed. The idea of the families getting the chance to see dragons let alone seeing their children riding them is amazing. Not sure whether the idea of Dumbledore being tried like a common criminal is unbelievable or just plain marvelous. If you are still writing please update, if not, thank you for hours of pleasure.
1/28 c32 l30rusty
i love this book
1/27 c9 l30rusty
amazing book camt put it down
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