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for Naruto, Stop Ruining The Fairy Tales!

3/19 c7 3wolfkid23
I really hope this gets updated again!
3/15 c7 Guest
Me gusta mucho esta historia espero que subas más capitulos
3/4 c2 kr0n0s00
is it going to be a harem?
2/28 c7 Michael
for Naruto to create moves inspired by various cartoon series, films, novels, video games, anime, such as Blade, fairy tail, jujitsu kaisen, dragon ball, demon slayer, Ragnarok, Tekken, devil may cry, final fantasy, Boku no Hero, black clover, that's definitely cool. Naruto creates a terrible move and there will be many victims from it. the fairy tale world was affected by the attack, the testing technique must be funny to see, that's all the request from please update the story quickly and why are some of the other stories missing, please restore them
2/28 c7 Guest
buat Naruto menciptakan jurus yang terinspirasi dari berbagai series kartun film novel video game anime seperti Blade fairy tail jujitsu kaisen dragon ball Tekken devil may cry final fantasy itu pasti keren
2/19 c7 Guest
Please repost orange Embers it was one of the FanFictions that led me to you
1/21 c6 MaxerS
please can you bring a new chapter
1/19 c1 demonspawn0320
this is a good story, you should see if someone will do a reading of this where konoha react to what naruto is doing
1/8 c5 justinmil22
is this just sleeping beauty
1/8 c5 justinmil22
can anyone remind me of which fairy tale is the one with the stone kingdom with the thorns
12/30/2023 c7 TripleXZoro
Well… I hope you’ve have the best retirement and have the best life with your family
12/10/2023 c7 MaxerS
Next chapter please.
12/7/2023 c7 jonathan
tengo una duda como vas a volver con semejante ejercito, digo el mundo de naruto es un super continente si lo calculo bien seria cuando la tierra todavia era conocido como pangea y el mundo donde esta son muy diferentes. segun tengo entendido estan en mundos muy diferentes que se pueden mencionar como la epoca de la edad media si no me equivoco y no creo que cuando den la vuelta al mundo se llegue a las naciones elementales si no otros cuentos. de todos modos me gusta mucho tu historia sigue asi
gracias esta entretenido es la tercera vez que la leo.
11/22/2023 c7 11demonzone2571
Keep up the good work and continue this fanfic. Can't wait to see when he returns to konoha with many wives and it was all Jiriaya's fault for neglecting Narutos' training.
11/22/2023 c3 zenchi a zen'n no kamii
La mejor historia que he leído :3
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