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4/24 c18 SombraZorro70
Have to thanks my sister (down below) for remind me this amazing story because go damn it addict! But I'm disappoint almost everyone, including Midoriya and Kirishima. Similar to my sister respond, Midoriya did nothing but bitch and whine while my boi has been working his ass all his life. I have seen few clip of the movie the you were talk about and I wasn't aware until you and my sister point it out. Talk about ironic.

And Kirishima, he's no man, he is a bitch boy.
4/23 c18 9Eclipse130
I read through this like i took a shot of cocaine, IT'S SO ADDICTING THE FIC NOT THE COCAINE. BY GOD THE AMOUNT OF SLAP AM READY TO THROW AT THE BIGOTS ADULTS OR TEENS. While I am disappointed in Clas am not even surprised. Not even at Midoriya. Hell I didn't see the movie to know how Midoriya was going to react to someone who actually worked their asses off to be a quirkless hero or a person of success. As much as the fandom accepts Izuku as a this precious kid, it doesn't change the fact he didn't do any hard work for his dream.

Lee did.

And Midoriya watches someone achieve what he couldn't without a quirk. Lee is going through the motiona of being here and being quirkless. and that is going to be hell, but he inspired people.

You CAN become a quirkless hero. UA accepted him. even if he doesn't complete it, that won't stop other quirkless from trying too.
4/21 c18 18Boyzilla
This is an amazing story, a refreshing tale of a true quirkless rising against the odds in a quirk filled society. Ofc, this is Lee we are talking about, his power of YOUTH shall ascend him to great heights!

Also, shame on Midoriya for joining the Quirkist Group! I mean, I understand his intial meeting with Lee, but I never thought he’d go that far. Then again, Pony only mentioned he was with them, not so much joined with them.
4/4 c18 Guest
I love you
3/10 c1 tylerbraden13
Cant wait for the next chapter
2/27 c18 E.G
Is Kakashi also going to make an appearance when Guy returns to the story? That would be lit since he's Guy's best friend.
2/24 c1 Guesty
Yo, you put his age as 10 then later put it down as just turned 14 when they were talking about the 8 gates
2/24 c18 Chrome Cheetah
This story is amazing, I didn't know I needed this till now. Can't wait to see more!
2/24 c18 Fredgie
I love this story so much. The best Lee story of all time, in my opinion, and one of the greatest stories in both the Naruto and MHA fandoms! The emotion you capture and the sheer sense of unfairness that Lee goes through... it's chillingly good. I genuinely believe this story is the Gold Standard for quirkless stories, not to many fics really dive that deep or meaningfully into what it really means to be quirkless. What it means to be left behind and treated like dirt just for being born a certain way. Keep up the amazing work man, very happy to have found this.
2/24 c18 Okami2312
This is amazing and I’m really happy its not dead.
Like I just went through so many excellent fanfictions just for them to be dead so I was really relieved when this one got updated.
2/23 c18 Mr.Shiki
About the bakugo lee fight. How did bakugo even keep up with lee? Especially third gate. 13 year old lee was so fast that even when sasuke saw him with the sharingan he couldnt react and that was with the weights on. And lets not talk about the fact that lee could open 5 gates when he was 13. Weightless lee really should have blown everyone ot of the watter. They should be able to see him let alone react to him. Either you nerfed him hard in this story or you hadn't realized how strong he is. Bakugo will probably loose to lee with weights let alone 3rd gate.
2/23 c18 D3lph0xL0v3r
keep up the amazing work. . .

Mr. Stank; MORE LIKE MR. STARK. . .

I'm Glad Lee has a Class 1-A Friend in Mina Ashido. . . For a Girl who can make Acid. . . She CERTAINLY Isn't Acidic towards Rock Lee. . .

P.S. WHAT I-S Sir Nighteye's Motive for Choosing Rock Lee for an Internship. . . He's GOT to have SOME Ulterior motive for choosing the Quirkless Boy. . .

Sir Nighteye only wanted to Intern Izuku to DISSUADE him from having OFA; and give it to Mirio instead;

So What's Mirai's Angle here?!

P.S. How Long Until The Quirk-Supremecist Group known as the Meta Liberation Army makes an Attempt on Rock Lee's Life?!
2/23 c18 Genaric Name
im sensing a schism in class 1A. can't imagine how the teachers and parents of those students were to react should they learn of how their kids are unconsciously, or in some cases consciously engaged in quirkist behaviors against lee. can't wait to see what happens through the pov, at least on the teacher side, of mina when that happens
2/23 c18 xbox432
same time or when Miro came out - Mirio

Honestly, Stank seemed like a fine name to me. It gave me fond memories of Interspecies Reviewers.

Also, I'm glad to see that Lee is starting to feel better and interacted with Pony. Our smiley-boy just isn't the same when he's avoiding the people he cares about. :D
2/23 c18 King0fP0wers
Hmhm. Will he finally see the reason for Lee's invitation? Is it to break his spirit, like with Midoriya in canon? Or does he see some of Mirio in Lee?

Well, Lee would definitively profit from adding those weighted stamps to his arsenal.
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