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9/21/2019 c3 carlson4
I have been waiting on a story about lee in MHA. I’m pumped to see what your vision is on this story and can’t wait to read more.
9/21/2019 c3 720941
is lee weaker in this fanfic compared to the chunin exam, because im pretty sure his weights weighed a ton (literally, did you see the crater that formed when he took em off!), but the ones he currently has on are 150 each.
9/21/2019 c2 720941
You know what would have been really great, if he couldn't use chakra, NOW WAIT let me explain myself, in bnha Deku is quirkless, and he asked all might "can I be a hero even though I'm quirkless", and even tho almight told him he could be a hero after the slime incident, what he actually meant was "you can be a hero if you inherit my quirk", meaning Deku can't be a hero without a quirk.

This pisses me off, because I felt like the moral of the story should be you can be a hero without a quirk, but now that Deku has a quirk he just succumbed to the society's rules that your only important if you have a quirk (with is why I hope that the ending of bnha will erase all quirks).

Which is why I really wanted lee to have 0 power in this fanfic so he could prove to the world that quirks aren't everything, and since he has chakra, they will just treat it like a quirk when they find out, if you get what I mean.

That being said i'm still reading this fanfic, I want to see lee THROUGHLY beat the living shiz outta everyone (but he's too nice for that).

ps. update soooooooon
9/21/2019 c1 720941
Now I'm curious, is Lee gonna be faster than lida in aizawa's test?
9/18/2019 c3 me
i really like this see ya next time
9/17/2019 c3 D3lph0xL0v3r

I Can hardly wait to find out Lee's Exam Score; and Find out how he does in Aizawa's Expulsion Exam on day 1!
Im really intersted in how you are going to develop this story.
Please update soon.
9/16/2019 c3 Baycon
Great Chapter though Some Scenes are similar to the Anime/Manga like Ochako Under Some Fallen Derby and etc
This Fic has a lot of potential.
9/16/2019 c3 xbox432
Heh, I really am curious to see exactly how the other students will react once they learn that Lee is quirkless... some like Bakugou will jeer, but I'm betting that most of them will either be disbelieving or perhaps a bit condescending. And if Izuku is in your fic I can't help but wonder if he'll have an existential crisis after learning Lee made it into the academy without a quirk?

Also, called it! I just knew Lee was still wearing his weights, it's just such a "Lee" thing to do. Heh, he even said that he'd have to apologize to Gai afterward. Hmm, now to see if Aizawa calls Lee out for "not trying his hardest" for wearing those weights. Because he basically is handicapping himself, even if it does make him work harder.

Lastly, how hard is Mina gonna die from embarrassment once she wakes up and remembers barfing all over her new friend's chest? The funny thing is that I can totally see them trying to one-up each other in apologies, Mina from the barf and Lee from realizing his acceleration and deceleration were the causes of said barf.

Thanks for the entertainment! :D
8/23/2019 c2 Guest
Great so far can’t wait for more
7/24/2019 c2 olivia.rodriguez.927
I can't wait for more~
7/13/2019 c2 xbox432
I'm quite happy to see that Lee has made friends with Mina. She's one of my favorite characters from the show, I just can't help but smile when she gets to express her personality on the show. :D The fact that she's cute certainly doesn't hurt things either.

...Also, why am I getting the impression that Lee is still wearing his training weights? Yeah sure, why remove hundreds of pounds of weight during a physical exam when you could push yourself right? Heh, I am certainly curious to eventually find out how much weight Lee now carrying. Heck, I'm even more curious to see everyone else's REACTION to finding out how much weight he's carrying!

I do have a question about that actually, are you planning to actually factor-in the training weights, well, weight in Lee's actions? Like if he has his weights and kicks someone, you'll actually take into account how that much weight would affect his opponents as much as they do Lee? I've seen so many stories where Lee will fricken drop kick someone and they'll just brush it off. Yet unless they have some kind of superstrength getting smacked with something like that should send them flying... or just flat-out crush them. I don't really want an answer to this from you as I like finding this stuff out as the story progresses, but it's just something I hope you've considered.
6/18/2019 c2 23Draak D. Sol
This story is so... YOUTHFUL! I hope to see more of this. I would also like to see everybody's reaction to Lee's training regime.
6/14/2019 c2 5TheJSmooth
Big girls don't cry huh? Lol I got that reference as well as the Abridged reference.
Anyways... You gonna have Lee and Mina date at some point? Or is our Bushy Brow Cassanova going to throw compliments to all the girls?
Anyways great chapter and I hope Lee kills it during the entrance exam.
The flames of youth are strong with this fic right now!
6/13/2019 c1 Cormin12
if the argument is just because he dosent have a querk then why the hell are they even considering the kid in 1a with a tail? its just tail.
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