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12/25/2020 c2 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 2
12/25/2020 c1 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 1
12/16/2020 c16 LandLegs
Hi, I don’t write reviews or comments often but I had to leave one for this piece. Your concept surrounding this story is fabulous. It explores a realm of My Hero Academia that’s been sorely dismissed and lacked. My biggest issue with the anime and manga is the promotion that there was always something wrong with Midoriya for not having a quirk and then essentially proving this true by giving him all mights power and instilling into both Midoriya and others that they were right. By leaving Lee Quirkless, gives a life surrounding a story that’s been neglected. Even the scene between Midoriya and Lee was fantastic. Expressing a scene of two idealism’s facing each other. Two paths journeyed and ventured. I’m thrilled to come across your piece and will hope you continue.
12/10/2020 c16 1Messiah of authors
I really like this chapter because it gets real. That and also because none of the students now Sir nighteye I was all mights former psychic
12/8/2020 c16 VicenteVanCoco04
Bastante bueno el capitulo, es genial que se muestre este aspecto de la sociedad, hay cosas que siempre se puede usar a favor pero quedan en el olvido, algo que aprovechaste y quedo genial.
12/7/2020 c16 loquendo 2005
I love this story, I hope that the Lee vs Lemillion fight will be somewhat even but I know it won't be like that, Mirio is too strong for Lee.
12/4/2020 c13 loquendo 2005
este capitulo me encanto, hasta ahora vimos derrotas de parte de lee pero en este literalmente barrio el piso con lida y me encanta el titulo del capitulo
11/30/2020 c16 Genaric Name
im curious what pony's parents feelings are on this matter of lee only getting one recommendation
11/24/2020 c16 Alberto Gonzalez
The chapter was good, I would like to see Izuku's reaction to seeing that Lee could go further than him
11/24/2020 c16 Scion 141
This was an interesting chapter. Society created a norm where those with Quirks are revered, and even then, it depends on the kind of Quirk. The mutants don't have it so easily.
The conversation that happened amongst the class was interesting. It showed some that even if they live on the same world, they live IN different worlds.
It doesn't matter what norm society get accustomed to, eventually, there will be something that challenges that norm and it will cause a conflict amongst people. This is a battle humanity will always have to face. Always.

Are we going to see the reaction of 1A regarding the outcome of the Sports Festival? Especially Bakugo, Iida and Kirishima's thoughts on the outcome of their fights?
Bakugo was pushed to the limit by a Quirkless; how does that stand with him? What was supposed to be an easy victory in his easy ended up being the most challenging fight he's had so far.
Kirishima underestimated his opponent and go knocked out.
Iida, with his speed, was surpassed by someone without a Quirk.
I left out Todoroki because he wasn't in his right state of mind. The fight was the last thing on his mind.
So, there's a lot to unpack. What are the three's thoughts regarding their fights' outcome? And what about the rest of 1A? Did they thick Lee would make it that far? What did they think of him giving the three a run for their money?
It feels like we're in a vacuum with how little we see of the others and get a take on their thoughts.
11/24/2020 c16 1tahlele
Mannn that part really hurt, I didn’t see that coming. Just one petition? Makes me mad. Love the discourse between kamikiri and kendo! Keep up the great work
11/23/2020 c16 Itachi0179
Itsuka is naive, or stupid. She needs a reality check.
11/23/2020 c16 D3lph0xL0v3r

I Can Hardly wait to see what Happens Next!

Why Exactly does Sir Nighteye want Rock Lee to Intern Under Him?!

Considering how Snobby & Elitist Mirai is; ESPECIALLY with How He Treated Izuku when HE interned under Him. . . Why Would He Treat a Quirkless Person better than the 9th Torchbearer(Granted; He was salty that Yagi DIDN'T Choose Mirio; BUT STILL)

P.S. I Can Hardly wait to see How P***ed off the MLA is towards Rock Lee for Undermining their Quirk Supremecist Movement; by Defying them, by Being A Quirkless hero!

I Wonder How Many of the Quirk-ist Nay-sayer Civilians that Lee has been encountering throughout this fanfiction are ACTUALLY Affiliated with the Meta Liberation Army. . .
11/23/2020 c16 xbox432
Another great chapter, the argument that broke out amongst the class was very deep. Getting to see the kids differing opinions... from the jaded to the naive. Seeing how this might affect them should be interesting. Like, they are still going to be going to their apprenticeships, but in the back of their minds are they going to be wondering "Is this Hero a bigot?"

Hell, and I once again need to praise you for Togaru. It's intriguing to see a side of him not normally depicted. Most authors either ignore him or portray him as a green Bakugou... I'm just really enjoying your portrayal of all the kid's personalities. Even a little bit curious to see if Itsuka sticks to her current beliefs or gets a clue.

Also, once again, poor Lee. Let's just hope he doesn't give in to his anger and jeleousy. It'd be heartbreaking to see him snap at Pony at this stage. :'(
11/23/2020 c16 1billykeo95
Damn I like Togaru
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