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for Chuck vs Playing It Cool

2/27 c11 11sachaelle
For a moment there i thought Marie came to Ellie & this is why she was calling her, completely forgot about Jill.
2/25 c11 6Dillwg
I know that the sick crack sound happened when Sarah tackled the Fulcrum assassin, but I’m still wondering if Sarah broke a bone in the assassin- or if Ellie ignored the hippocratic oath and pummeled Jill.
And is Neal part of the undercover IC world, or is he stepping out on Frank?
2/25 c11 4supesfan18
Great chapter cabt wait for the chuck vs jill vs Sarah moment lol I'm sure is coming at some point
2/23 c11 AwesomeCasey
I hoped that in this universe Chuck and Sarah’s relationship would be “Jill-proof” but I guess Jill and Bryce can cause problems in any reality! Glad to see the update on this fun story. And I liked seeing Awesome getting a little jealous...even Mr. Cool can be afflicted by the green-eyed monster!
2/23 c11 Crazzywally
Jill, the problem creator is back! Run for cover everybody!
2/23 c11 Vurich23
Ok, I’ve got to say, CQ was absolutely right! He had this one! Great freaking chapter! Loved the interactions between all of the characters. Having the two groups interacting separately was genius. I’ve said it before, but I really like Devon in this. It might just be my favorite portrayal of him in fic. That was a lot of fun. Great job!
2/23 c11 7jwatkins
I wonder if there will ever be a time when these two won't assume the worst. hehe Sounds like they'll both have some explaining to do once this impromptu mission is over. As an aside, I hope things are ok between Neal and Frank. :)
2/23 c11 1charmR
Really enjoyed seeing Ellie & Sarah working together - they make a formidable team. And of course no one was watching Jill or saw where she went! I guess we'll see more of her next chapter - quickly please :)
2/23 c11 wilf21
A really fun version of this episode.
2/23 c11 9Reyes9
Great chapter as always. Keep up the good work!
2/22 c11 chucksboxers
Great dialog as usual DC - funny too!
I really enjoy this Jill plot!
2/22 c11 ReaderNotAWriter85
Awesome chapter. I absolutely love this storyline so much. I really can't wait for what happens next. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
2/22 c11 11stars90
Lol. That last bit from Casey was a pretty nice summation of their entire relationship, wasn't it?
2/22 c11 Richard76310
First glad you continued this. What happened to Jill? What was Ellie wanting to do to her? Who’s the assassin and was he the buyer? Fun read please post soon. Too many unanswered questions. Be safe.
1/14 c9 2baldcoder
I like it! I like it a lot! Thanks for the update.
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