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6/14/2019 c6 29MBAV fan66
Yay! Benny and Dean are back together again! And now they can be together forever as brothers in heaven! Hooray, for happy endings! :D
6/14/2019 c5 MBAV fan66
Oh, no! Poor Benny! You can't be dead! Now, Dean is all heartbroken and sad. Stupid demons! This is all your fault that Benny's dead! *sniffle*
6/13/2019 c4 MBAV fan66
That was a terrible nightmare Benny had! Thanks goodness that it was only that! A dream! Hopefully, Benny will be feeling better from the fever, soon.
6/12/2019 c3 MBAV fan66
That was scary! But thankfully, Dean came to Benny's rescue to save him from Lucifer. I felt bad for Benny when his grandma passed away. But at least he's not alone. He still has Dean and his friends back home to be there for him.
6/11/2019 c2 MBAV fan66
The monsters Dean face aren't as easy to fight as the ones you're use to, Benny. Lol! I hope Benny at least call his grandma later, to let her know where he's at and that he plans to become a hunter and that a guy name Dean Winchester is gonna look after him from now on and is going to be he teacher in the ways of hunting. I'm sure she'd be very worried if he didn't.

And so, a bond is forged! As a hunter and a spellmaster set out to kill the evil monsters in the world that prey upon innocent lives of humans! Lol!
6/8/2019 c1 MBAV fan66
Dean the heroic brother, to the rescue! Don't worry Benny! You're in good hands when it comes to a Winchester looking after you! ;)

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