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8/5 c13 14PhantomGirl12
Sorry my review is so late! So now Jonathan knows the truth. It'll be interesting to see how he fits in with all this now that he can be involved in magical stuff. But he still has no idea about the suspicions about Jake's possible true identity... Awesome chapter as always! Can't wait for more! :)
7/29 c13 Guest
This is really enjoyable I can’t wait to see how it plays out between them all definitely rose and Jake
7/28 c13 18witchinmoonlight
I must say, this is really quite an amazing fanfic you have here! Both sides working to try and survive the wrath of the Huntsclan and uncover the truth. And now Jonathan knows about dragons and magic. Very nice. Although I am wondering if Haley knows about her mother having a child before her (that they have to figure out is actually alive). Pretty good work so far!
7/28 c13 timijaf
Great chapter can’t wait for next one
7/25 c13 SockMage
Jonathan Long is really a great and accepting dad. I like how you’ve written his reaction to finding out the family secret. Hopefully he and Susan can talk it out a bit more later as well, since I imagine despite his accepting nature he might still find it upsetting that his family is constantly in danger.
7/25 c13 30Dp-Marvel94
Susan and Haley told Jonathan and he took it so well! I just loved his reaction and Haley's relieved thoughts at the end.
7/25 c13 ArtThemisLeijon
Buen capitulo 3
7/25 c13 RyuuShadow
Aww! So wholesome! :3
7/18 c12 SockMage
This is great concept for a story, but it’s just now hitting me how much potential there is for sadness for all the characters involved. I hope Jake and Susan find that they are related and that it ends up well
7/15 c12 182Luiz4200
So close and yet so far. Poor Jake. Poor Susan.
7/14 c12 RyuuShadow
You're right! Both sides would reject him! The stakes are rising!
7/14 c12 30Dp-Marvel94
Another great chapter! I can feel how desperate Jake is getting now since he's willing to him things from Rose and seek help on his own. It seems the knowledge that the Huntsclan took him at birth from his family, one that he's never knows, shook him.
And Susan's really interesting here. I'm really wondering what she's thinking here and look forward to seeing where this goes.
7/14 c12 14PhantomGirl12
You have no idea how excited I was when I got the email about another update so soon! Jake’s attempting to get more help by himself and hiding something from Rose. I have a feeling that’s not going to end well and she’s not going to be happy. Then again, apparently, she’s not telling him everything either. Meanwhile, it seemed like Susan had wondered/hoped about the dragon being her son before and now that she’s seen what he looks like? I really wonder what she’s thinking right now. Excellent chapter as always and I can’t wait to see what happens next. :)
7/14 c12 ElectricSwirl
Me, finding this fic earlier this morning and coming back to find another chapter: I am truly blessed.

Me, doing math to find out the schedule and knowing I might have to wait 33.5 or more days for the next chapter: I have cursed myself.
7/14 c11 hejrobin1
Well done really enjoy the chapter.
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