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5/6 c16 14PhantomGirl12
Wonderful chapter! I can't even tell you how excited I am for the next one. Poor Jake, though. Rose is going to be so mad (well, more than she already is) and depending on what secrets he learns he's in for quite a shock (although he's not the only one). I just love this AU idea more and more as time goes by.
4/18 c16 18witchinmoonlight
Well, isn't this something? Looks like Jake has not only distanced himself further from Rose, but has been captured as well! I'm curious as to where she will lead. A bit surprised by the two month time skip and some of the words being blurred out, but still a good chapter. Hope to see you soon.
4/18 c16 182Luiz4200
Will Susan finally tell Jake he might be her son?
3/22 c15 Eris
A very intriguing and heartbreaking story. So sad. Hope you update soon again.
3/2 c15 14PhantomGirl12
Sorry I'm late! Amazing chapter as always, I feel like it's building up to something big! I can't wait to read more, I'm always really excited to see an update for this story!
2/28 c15 1daddyphannypack
i’m really in love with this story ,, i lack words. just know that it’s incredible
1/29 c15 18witchinmoonlight
Well, this is heating up. Rose playing double agent, and Jake being somewhere in the in-between. I got chills from this chapter (the music I was playing while reading probably helped with that), but still, good job! Sorry for being late to read and comment, I recently started a new semester. Til next time.
1/26 c15 hejrobin1
I am so happy wirh the direction you are taking this. This can easy become the best fanfic from this show!
1/25 c15 36Dp-Marvel94
We've got some discord between Jake and Rose. It's a little worrying that he hasn't told her about meeting with Susan but I get it; Jake wants to protect her especially since I can tell he feels guilty about all the risks Rose had taken to help him.
1/25 c15 182Luiz4200
I didn't expect Rotwood to be mentioned like that. Congratulations.
1/24 c15 timijaf
Great chapter
11/8/2020 c14 18witchinmoonlight
Alright, finally got to reading this chapter. Looks like Susan connected the dots. And Jake is at war with himself. (Man, ain't that a kick in the pants.) A bit surprised by the lack of spoken dialogue here, but it works well for this chapter. Nicely done. Hope to see you soon.
10/19/2020 c14 ArtThemisLeijon
BOOM. Esta Susan da miedo por lo analitica que es, y tiene sentido.
Me encanta la frase con la que terminaste el capitulo, si uno lo leyera fuera de contexto estaria "Nani?!"
Ya espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo :D
10/2/2020 c14 14PhantomGirl12
Poor Susan, torn between wanting to help her son, but having to protect her family. Meanwhile, Jake apparently thinks he's being stealthier than he actually is. And he has no idea what Susan knows about his past and who she (and by extension, he) really are. And then of course everyone else presumably knows nothing about these meetings. Such exciting possibilities! Amazing chapter as always! :)
9/30/2020 c14 36Dp-Marvel94
Susan worked it out! I can just feel how her heart aches over what's happening. it's definitely painful that she can't trust him
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