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for Dick Grayson's diary for fangirls! (and boys, I'm not sexist)!

11/14/2019 c1 christian7722222
great story keep going
10/30/2019 c3 Aanya Ray
Umm...Why is the 3rd chapter a literal copy of the second?!But that aside this is the CUTEST Richard 'Dick' Grayson Fanfiction EVER!:):):) I love Dick to death and he is my favourite DC hero; he is actually rivaling Spiderman on my Top Favourite List!:)SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!:):):):):):)
10/16/2019 c91 FLUFF
Timmy Tim. Do people ship Waynes with vigilantes in your world, since you're two different people over there? Pinterest is a black hole, Timmers. It sucks you in and you could be trapped there for hours. You are absolutely correct. Talia doesn't have a right to creep on anyone.

The reason I asked if something almost happened to you in during your year away, was because something almost happened in the comics. I know they're not 100% accurate to you, so I had to ask. With a "daughter of Ra's al Ghul"? Cass saved comic you though, so no worries. No children running around. Unless Tallia finished growing her second Damian... He would be Bruce's though. Then again, maybe she isn't doing that in your world. Damian would know though.
Jayjay is jealous of Ladies' Man Tim.

I hope I have entertained you and didn't scar you to badly! Bye bye, Tim Tim!
10/16/2019 c91 FLUFF
You, Jayjay? Join the Birds of Prey? You may be a badass, but they are even more so. Oh my god. Babs censored me. BABS CENSORED ME! YAY! Take good care of Dickie, Babs!

Hmm...When I first started being FLUFF, I didn't think of it as being manipulative. Just having some fun that I wouldn't normally have. Sorry! I'm not a manipulative person IRL. Or, I try not to be. So you DID go undercover with Black Mask for a bit!

I hope I have entertained you and didn't scar you to badly! Bye bye, Jaybird!
10/16/2019 c91 FLUFF
That team up thing between Dami and Timmy was meant for Timmy. I probably should have labeled those things. I didn't cross my mind that they might appear out of order... Ah, well. Ugh! I meant, if you had a son and a daughter, what would you name them? You're still with Babs, right? Oh, Jayjay DID go undercover working for Black Mask for a bit.

Hey, Dickie? No...that would be rude of me to ask, and you probably wouldn't know. But it's my last chance... Do you know if in your world, Talia drugged Bruce to get his DNA for Damain, or just didn't tell him?

I hope I have entertained you and didn't scar you to badly! Bye bye, Dickie!
10/16/2019 c91 FLUFF
Dickie! Those head canons and aus are meant for everyone! Why people head canon some of you for LGBQT? IDK. They just do it. They believe what they want to believe and disregard canon. Well, most disregard canon continuity anyway. It's too messy at this point.

Nose booping is fun on anyone! How do Jayjay and Timmy react to nose boops? Timmy Tim? Well besides the whole spleen thing, there was a close call between him and a woman. Cass saved him though. Tim hasn't said anything besides he had a run in with the Council of Spiders, so maybe that part didn't happen to him. I hope it didn't. It was close in the comics. The death poll. The poll where people on Earth Prime voted as to whether Robin! Jason should live or die at the hands of the Joker. They re-did it online, but I'm not sure if the votes even meant anything for the show...
10/15/2019 c90 FLUFF
How could I forget this question?! Jayjay! How would you feel if you were suddenly thrust into a different universe where there are no capes, but wait. That family is off vacationing. Instead, you find a young Dickie from yet another different universe who had been severely abused by his Bruce, having no social interaction with anyone but Bruce, doing everything to please Bruce, scarily touch-starved, and now your responsibility for the foreseeable future. It doesn't end there though. Oh know. You had originally been traveling with Timmy and Dami. They show up a week later and now they're all your responsibility while trying to gently break Dickie of his conditioning and making sure Timmy and Dami don't accidentally say something to set him off. I don't think I had any question marks in there, so here. ?
10/15/2019 c90 FLUFF
Now, for the super popular A/B/O AU. A/B/O stands for Alpha, Beta, and Omega. It's a world where everyone has a second gender, which is Alpha, Beta or Omega. There are a lot of different versions of this though, it all depends on the writer how "modern" the world is. The secondary genders create a kind of caste system. Which means...nasty business. It's based around animal instincts too. Usually involves male pregnancy. Moving on! Dickie is usually seen as an alpha or an omega. It's pretty split down the middle. People like to set Jay as an omega, but alpha is close. A great contrast to what an omega "should be". Timmy has been all three. But when he's alpha...guess who they like to ship you with Timmy~ ;) Dami is usually a pup, undifferentiated. He always thinks he'll be an alpha, because alpha is the "highest cast" and his dad is one, so why wouldn't he be one? People like to crush that and make him differentiate as omega more often than not. Sometimes he'll be alpha, but usually omega. NOW. I'n not the most versed in this AU. Sometimes the world is more "modern" and accepting and everyone is treated like equals except for those from the old generation which believe that is wrong.
10/15/2019 c90 FLUFF
I totally spammed you guys with a bunch of stuff yesterday. More Headcannons I remembered.
Alfred is the TRUE master of the manor.
No one can sneak up on Alfred, but Alfred can sneak up on everyone.
Jim Gordon knows all the Gotham Vigilantes' Civilian identities, but he doesn't let anyone know.

Catlad/Stray Universe. Catwoman takes one of you in instead of Batman. There's a few where she takes 3-all of you in. Timmy's the favorite for this AU. His personality is so cattish, and he loves messing with people. Especially Robins.

Also, y'all are going to SPACE?! WHA...? Does this have something to do with Dandelion?
10/14/2019 c89 FLUFF
the ones where Timmy and Dami are forced to get along for the grater good of something, the ones where Timmy pays up his end of the deal with Ra's and has to work for him now, oh, we have a BatFam Mafia AU (I can't wrap my head around it), supernatural AUs where everyone is some kind of supernatural "monster" usually vampires but sometimes everyone is different and Damian turns out to be a literal demon, High School Au where everyone is aged to be in school, the ones where Bruce gets Dami as a baby and adopts everyone at much younger ages except for Dick who is adopted at normal age, there are the ones where you're all biologically Bruce's kids, ones where just Timmy and Dami are biological but Timmy is the only one who knows, ones where everyone is a Talon, and of course the kidnapping ones where one of not multiple of you are taken as civilians and have to act as civilians and wait for help. The most popular of that last one is usually Timmy and Dami being kidnapped a the same time. There was even this really good one where they were transported to basically Prime Earth and had to find a way to survive while trying to find their way back and or be rescued. They were there for YEARS but it was barely a few weeks for the people at home
Yes. Yes, that is one huge run-on sentence/block of text.
10/14/2019 c89 FLUFF
There's this AU where you're all cats. It has art for it and little comics, and it is so cute and amazing. Another one where you're all dogs too.
Got gender!swap au, the typical turning into an animal via magical enemy trope, the popular sick!fic, the usual "oh no, they got dosed with Ivy's poison and we don't have an antidote, this fic is now rated M for sexual themes", family vacation gone awry, the ones where Timmy has isolated himself from the batfamily 'cause he doesn't feel he has a place there but his team is amazing and fiercly protective of their only "normal human" team mate, the "Dami snuck home more pets, just try and say no, Bruce", the ones with Cat Mom Selena and Bat Dad Bruce, the ones where Alfie is sick and everone has to fend for themselves which usually ends in disaster, the angst one-shots where Dickie dies as Batman protecting his Robin and Dami is completely distraught,
10/14/2019 c89 FLUFF
Hey. Dickie. If something were to happen to you, who would get custody of Dami next?
10/14/2019 c89 Guest
A lot of people seem sure Timmy could conquer the world if he really wanted to.

Quick! You have a son and a daughter! What are their names!
10/14/2019 c89 FLUFF
Timmy, are you telling me you don't know what non-consensual is? It's when someone says no to any kind of act, usually of the sexual nature, and the other person does it anyway. Did...you have an experience like that while you were trying to get Bruce back from being lost in time?
P.s. Jayjay is super jealous that you're paired with more women than he is.
10/14/2019 c89 FLUFF
The Talia thing? Yeah, if Dami knew... heheheh... I know it didn't happen in your world because Jay has expressed his disguSt at such a thought, despite him calling her hot. People think that how Talia has been portrayed lately in comics, such as her killing Damian, seem "out of character" for her. Depending on the universe, she does love Damian, had since he passed that weird test as a newborn, since he was her Alexander. It was the pit or something that drove her to kill Damian to get back at Bruce? I don't really know the specifics on that. Apparently she kidnapped Damian in his year of redemption and showed him why she killed him or something? I don't remember. Supposedly, she acted maternal to Jay because he was a link to her Beloved. Sometimes she twists his mind to turning on Batman because something bad happened, IDK, but sometimes it's Jason decision to get back at Bruce and she provides the training hoping he'll change his mind. Did I say motherly and romantic at the same time? Didn't mean to. I feel like that has happened though. The sleeping together may have been an act to get back at Bruce? The logic doesn't make sense.
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