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6/19/2019 c9 DxGRAYxMAN
You get them told caprice just an idea mabye you could pair sin with leah in the future
6/18/2019 c6 DxGRAYxMAN
The more I read about sin the better he gets Edward is a fool for leaving her and I really hope that she does not forgive him right away
6/17/2019 c5 DxGRAYxMAN
Ha that's what you get Edward mwhahahaha
6/16/2019 c3 DxGRAYxMAN
Yet again Edward and theo are only looking out for themselves I'm glad she gave him hell and I hope she does not forgive him easily and on top of all this the rest of the cullens do not have a back bone to say no to the golden child
6/15/2019 c2 DxGRAYxMAN
I hope she gives him hell
6/9/2019 c1 Debbie Hicks
Chapter 2. ALIEN RATTELESNAKES I Attacked then Mangled then bitten whollist of blood then to as all of best friends the guard found me soullst then fled yiu there who turned her then the Isabella yu are charged with murder then taken the screaming the Kidnapped then the one we want with him as her breeder Good begin the mating cerenony then Sicker then successful then Blacking out yiu dier first then then Pierced bites then then Was with more than as all of children then was dying then then sickest with Reyerson's Disease was a blood disorder then As all-children bitten were all-Venomous you kids dier wit they then Blacking out tore from here thenWas too late was with No Seeds burnted for nine painful days erased of memories then assaulted but abused the bite wass changing me good mine with Theo Cullen guilty of her turning then With they Three broken where yoiu gong freaks get them then then asaulted then he bitten me by turning good Drained of blood executed us/they with each both then the fire spread Nothingness good mine weapons then Brainwashed was fast but fierce loyal but deadly beatfiul but twisted but vengeful with my new family trained us./they good Silenced then tell them they died there they are here the you both are guiklty were destroyed with myself/they tore Atomized by vaporizing then then myself was bitten too late with best friends had a planet power who done to her/they beaten rthen myself was struggling to control my bloodlast and thirst gasp Get her/army then myself captured Isabella Swan put to death as order Felix rip the new born is not fit to live my screams with theirs the Executed coldly but cruelliest wit you both then Executed then lost from here brought here was Soulless then then was dying from here Fled good deceasaed then bring them then with the departed three then brought there good guard tore them then myself was unable to control myself Alice who done to her/they then Smashed with them blew up then then brought there ashes then it was too late Relearned as a newborn then was human hhunted to as as all of animals then too late with wholliest of them Snapped freely then too late burst freely then Brought there dead poisoned animals good guard then executed from here then myself was stunted at Eighteen gasp her eyes are Bright yellow then too late the kids they are hybrids imprinted Snapped freely both then lost need to breed at all good bring them there they were bitten illegally are destroyed then were wiped out then ashes then we more as all of guards bitten freely too late never aged but stopped death resumed my new life was in fact dead then Snapped with them were brought to very as all good guard with Lycans dead with imprintees were dead drained then Ashes more guards bitten from organs then then it was too late were nuked with others were more heirs bitten freely now go train them then too late too late was not human at all was born a Vampire slaying super sailor guardian then with them my teammates then never ate as well then Lost the color of the skins then was Not normal. Snapped from here then was Immortal then it was now 2009 to 2019 by now
6/8/2019 c1 DxGRAYxMAN
Wooo part 2

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