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for America and the justice league

4/7/2021 c13 NoaTheYaoiVampire
Lol I love that England went to the Marvel Universe while America is stuck in the DC Universe. Cant wait for the next update but dont push yourself.
2/9/2021 c1 shadyxlr
Honestly curious where you will go with it.
1/10/2021 c12 Mimi
Glad to see a continuation!
1/5/2021 c12 2Pi-3.14159
Glad you decided to come back!
6/27/2019 c9 Guest
I really want you to continue this :D
6/25/2019 c9 6Narniaisinmycloset
oh I definitely want to see this continued!
6/15/2019 c9 PrimroseEx
plzzzz write it. I love hetalia crossover
6/15/2019 c9 Melei-the-Cat
Well I wouldn't mind either way, but I like Americas reactions in this one. So if you think that you can make the Advengers fanfic as funy as this one, than I woud say write it.
6/12/2019 c6 PrimroseEx
i love this story~ keep writing
6/11/2019 c1 Melei-the-Cat
This is a vary funny story. I liked the part with the phone-call best. I just want to read more of this, so I don't realy have a diraction i want the story to go in.
6/9/2019 c5 PrimroseEx
I love this story! plz keep writing. I want england or other country stay with america, I think it will be fun~. sorry for my bad english
6/9/2019 c5 Elements08
Hi, I believe that just staying as what the story is is alright, like only having america explore the justice league universe rather than adding more hetalia character and its also like the charm of the story having alfred react and interact to the numerous characters in the justice like universe. any way, cant wait to see the next chapter soon!.

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