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for An Angel And A Snake

2/3/2021 c33 Guest
This story is really good! I red it in a flash! Amazing and often terribly cute! More of it please!
4/16/2020 c33 176veronica.toon.7
Ay, it's so nice to see some new chapters put out, I was worried this was just going to end without any conclusion. Awesome chapter, it's nice to see Aziraphale doing good deeds and that his new Archangel role hasn't really changed much. I am looking forward to seeing this Remiel character, the parts where you have other angels and demons involved are some of my favorite parts of your story.
4/5/2020 c33 6Brain City
Nice chapter. I’ve missed you!
10/29/2019 c31 Guest
Aww is this dead? :(
9/29/2019 c31 Guest
oo I wonder if they'll take gabriel's wings since he still has them!
9/12/2019 c31 4DustInTheLight
Archangel Crowley is such a brilliant headcanon hhh, and I adore the idea of people in Hell taking particular care torturing fallen Archangels! And fussy Aziraphale I LOVE
9/9/2019 c30 2zombie girl jinx
I love this chapter, my little marshmallows are just to good for words. 3
9/9/2019 c30 4DustInTheLight
What a lovely chapter! Poor Zira, but my goodness Crowley's so sweet taking care of him!
9/8/2019 c22 Guest
Great! You're super good at writing smut. I'd love to see more of that "research" they mentioned :)
9/5/2019 c29 DustInTheLight
This is such a beautiful fic! I can't wait for more of it!
8/31/2019 c29 2zombie girl jinx
Awe, made me tear up with that one:')
8/28/2019 c28 4DustInTheLight
Ahahaha I loved this!
8/28/2019 c28 2zombie girl jinx
Glorious, glorious fluff. I love it!
8/27/2019 c27 4DustInTheLight
Please keep writing this! It's beautifully written and I absolutely adore how well you capture these two. I can't wait to see where this goes!
8/26/2019 c27 2zombie girl jinx
Love, love, love, love that!
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