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6h c10 1Syqadelic
The home village doesn't set bounties for non-missing-nin. It's other villages that set bounties.
7/3 c2 MartianGod
I prefer the headcanon of Sakura being civilian born.
6/18 c10 19Althaea Amastacia
please update
6/14 c10 Empyrean Asura

Like jesus christ I've only really watched the anime it seems I've missed out on a lot... Well it seems like instead of re-watching the anime I'll be reading the manga soon.
6/4 c10 LazyRedHead
Honestly I want to see kushina introduce him to minato and the gang lol. And since kyoya accepted her as his sky I can't see him letting her die and will probably end up ending the war himself lmao. Can't wait if your still updating~
6/1 c10 ChaoticInscriber
I don't think Kyoya would mind some of those nicknames. Particularly "Spiky Death Incarnate" and "Hedgehog Sage", though he may need to have learnt about Sage Modes and what the ninja know of them first to get the proper impact as it is intended. If he learns enough of the Bijuu, being referred to as a Tail-less one because he isn't but is just as powerful/dangerous/scary could be appreciated as well. I'm not sure of his opinion on Dragons, and how his KHR life may have affected that, so he might like it or he might hate being associated with someone else he connects the label to.
"Child of Hyper Death" I have trouble with, though. Kyoya isn't very Hyper to me. Did someone overhear his careless declarations of what his various modes are and extrapolate? Or did they mean to enhance the "death" part instead, in which case Yes, yes he is.
6/1 c10 1AutumnBee124
More please?
5/8 c10 2candy4beth
Please update this if you are able soon
4/16 c10 Helily
Completely adorable story. But I can see you are busy with other works currently so I will wait till you maybe feel like visiting this one again.

Regardless, thank you; it was pretty hilarious.
3/28 c1 Guest
Hibrari kyoya, strongest man on the plant. There is no other man on the plant stronger then him. It is his plant now.

I love this typo.
3/26 c10 LittleFlower2012
I just love Kyoya, I hope you update soon!
3/19 c10 Floating Ash
More! More more more more! Awesome! Love this fic! Sooooo awesome! XDXDXD XDXDXD. Can’t wait to read and see more chapters of this fic! Excited! XDXDXD XDXDXD
3/14 c10 Anon
Took me a while, but its so fucking obvious where chrome is I want to smack myself. She's a MIST, so fittingly she would be in the hidden mist village undoing obito's plan and control the kage herself.
By the same logic kyoya should have been in kumo where they happily kidnap young girls to breed in the future (fuck you kishimoto. You fucking fool. Some shit can't be forgiven so easily as you imagine it to be), but thanks to plot he is in konoha (they aren't saints, but they are better than other villages. Mist is bloody for a reason. Suna is a mess where a father orders his son's assasination, kumo are again pedophiles, and Iwa.. Actually idk much about them other than ther passionate hate of minato)
3/4 c10 keishiro
will you be continuing this fic?

do you know similar ones?
2/9 c10 Mizucolk
it is pure evil do not update this wonderful fanfiction please, I beg you!
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