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for The Odyssey of Sadie Adler

6/17 c1 JayUh
I found this story right before I started the final chapter of the game and I read up until where I was in the game. I just finished the game so now I’m allowing myself to read the whole thing now! Good work!
6/9 c70 Charlie
Whooo that was crazy. I would say more but I'm so sleepy, man
6/10 c70 TenorSax93
Jesus this was a ride and a half.

Well done. So incredibly well done.
6/9 c70 SpecterXCove
That was a great story. Shame to see it come to an end.
6/8 c70 4Wishfulwriter89
This story was great, start to finish. I loved it. You did such a good job bringing them all to life!
6/8 c70 Droopy Reader
This book has been one of my favorites I always looked forward to updates, but now that it's done. Now I have find another good read thanks for the awesome story!
6/8 c70 9imajisaheartlandfan
Brilliant, brilliant BRILLIANT! While I'm sad to see you come to the end of this story I'm so pleased at how you ended it. This was a wonderful story, there are no words to describe how much I loved it. I really hope you will write another story soon, you are a really talented author and this story is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read.
6/7 c70 MBoxx
Excellent ending! Almost a whole year for the whole thing. Makes me want a sequel set during or after the first game. Be interesting to see how you could pull it off! Anyway, whatever the subject matter, please keep writing! You have a gift, no doubt.
6/4 c68 Guest
Ahaha coming up on 69 soon
Also, great fanfic. Though, its more like a novel by now (fr, the amount of words is unreal)
6/3 c68 SpecterXCove
Great chapter.
6/2 c68 imajisaheartlandfan
So happy to see you updated! Ol Micah had it coming to him! Bye bye snake, enjoy the warm toasty comforts of hell!
5/29 c67 imajisaheartlandfan
Great, great GREAT UPDATE! Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
5/25 c66 Droopy Reader
We're finally at American Venom people!
5/19 c64 imajisaheartlandfan
Loved this update! That bear gave me a jolly fright when I watched a play through of the game on YouTube lol. John and Sadie certainly know how to get into trouble that's for sure!
5/16 c63 imajisaheartlandfan
Great chapter as usual! Loved it!
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