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9/12/2023 c18 Karen Martin
Sweet Henry. Beautiful...
9/12/2023 c17 Karen Martin
This is what we need now in season 10 for Lucas and Fiona. NICE!
9/9/2023 c21 Karen Martin
Sweet, wise Clara. (miss her and Jessy-not that i'm watching yet)
9/9/2023 c20 Karen Martin
Oh, Rosemary! Gotta love her for her high energy,. She means well. Hmm. LOVED Elizabeth glancing back at Nathan...weathering the storm together
9/9/2023 c17 Karen Martin
NICE! THIS is the way Fiona and Lucas were meant to be
9/9/2023 c16 Karen Martin
LOL That Rosemary is a pistol! YIKES, Lucas! oh poor Fiona.
9/9/2023 c15 Karen Martin
Wow! THIS was so well-written. It would be so powerful to see. LONGEVITY-Teacher and Mountie working together. Whew! it's a tough thing to read for sure, but it certainly would be like the early seasons. Great writing, Gina.
9/9/2023 c14 Karen Martin
THAT was a great part-what Lee was thinking and said to Lucas. It is SO Lee-like!
9/9/2023 c13 Karen Martin
Oh my goodness! This is heart breaking. Made me tear up.
9/9/2023 c12 Karen Martin
LOVED this! Nathan knowing that Elizabeth had lost Allie too.
9/9/2023 c11 Karen Martin
I could definitely see this happening w Elizabeth huffing around LOL not thinking it through that Nathan didn't want Allie in the jail. Cute scene!
9/9/2023 c10 Karen Martin
Awe, our sweet, thoughtful Nathan...
9/9/2023 c8 Karen Martin
Lol! This was a fun chapter for sure. Poor Allie ( we've all been there ha ha) and Rosemary. I confess she's my favorite on the show. You certainly captured her here.
9/9/2023 c1 Karen Martin
9/8/2023 c2 Karen Martin
I like the way this is heading! Nipped it in the bud!
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