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8h c39 Veronica McClure
One thing you should know, two things really: reflect or reflection is what a mirror or mirror like surface is doing when it shows your image. deflect is what a surface or person does when sending what your opponent shot back at them. So the mirror actually had a shield spell on it to deflect or send, Quirrelimort's spell back at him.
1/18 c38 Veronica McClure
Harry and Najash are trading on each other's magic all the time! Something to be said for a young wizard and his pet being such a true familiar and wizard bond that they help each other out without being aware of it. But, also why can't any adult close to this Harry remember how strong both his parents were, and conclude that he inherited his magical strength from both his parents?
1/14 c21 Razeus1
Wait, wait, wait...
WHY is it acceptable to 'gift back' the Potter heirloom cloak to the Owner of said cloak?
It's like saying "I borrowed this, but now I'm gifting it back to you the Owner of said heirloom item."

I also hate that Dumbledore has made all these reasonable excuses for the Theft from Harry's trust... And it appears he's getting away with it.
What the hell would he have done if he didn't have access to the trust money?
Plain up Theft.
And since when does someone wholly unrelated by blood in Any fashion have a say in where an Heir of a Family goes?
Sealing the parents wills, then ascribing himself as magical guardian is wrong on so many damn levels.
It honestly seems to me that Dumbledore has decided that Harry is going to die, so he might as well take advantage while he can for his 'Greater Good' crap ideology.

Ahhhh, I'm stepping off my soap box now...
1/14 c41 32unlikely2
Interesting ideas and well put together. I like the way that most of your characters actually seem to have a clue.
1/9 c28 Veronica McClure
Maybe elemental magic is only hard to those who are told it's hard?
1/7 c1 flutedavid
Awesome book 1! I really like the familiar stuff, can't wait to see where you go from here.
1/4 c7 6258489
I'm a bit disappointed in Harry, he seems somewhat underwhelming. Also, when had there ever existed a person who enjoyed pumpkin juice? Mcgonagall seems like her typical prejudiced disappointing self, but maybe I'm projecting, I'll have to wait and see...
12/28/2020 c41 Sheelahdog
Wow! Reading that over from the beginning was a wild ride! I am starting to see hints of how things are changing going forward. Great fic! I am looking forward to the next chapter and hope you are feeling better from your not-Covid.
12/28/2020 c33 Sheelahdog
I read a different fic for a while and missed a whole bunch of updates. I have really enjoyed going back to the beginning and rereading the whole thing. It is even better than I remember. I hope you don't mind me pointing out a few homophone error misspellings, Kwords that sound the same or similar but have different meanings). I noticed in this chapter you used familial instead of familiar when referring to Harry using Cedric's first name. Familial means having to do with a family relationship. Familiar means well known or close association. So even though Harry and Cedric didn't have a familial relationship, they were familiar enough to use first names.
12/27/2020 c41 1Taylex233
That article about the Bulgarian seeker had me pretty concerned. You really got me good with that.
12/26/2020 c41 ladefoxfire
Different view, but one I'm really comfortable reading.
12/26/2020 c20 Sheelahdog
I think you mean exasperated... which means frustrated, rather than exacerbated which means to add on or make a situation worse. One is a feeling for people and the other is for a situation. You might feel exasperated if someone exacerbated the situation.
12/24/2020 c41 7throughhiseyes
this was... wow

I really loved your take on it!
12/23/2020 c18 Veronica McClure
Guess Flint would rather believe a 1st year Slytherin had lied to him as an excuse to bully him some more, than that a Nonmagical reared Potter is a natural talent?
12/22/2020 c41 ILoveGeorgeEads
I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
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