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9/26 c43 wierdscience13
Not a bad story, I wasn't a big fan of all the time spent on OC's

However, realistically the problem with stories like these is that they rarely get finished. Looking at how much of the second one has been completed and how long it has took, it's more than likely that the author will never finish, or people just loose interest with them never likely seeing a conclusion because of how long it will take
9/25 c8 wierdscience13
Guns and tasers are not common in the UK, they are so rare in fact that most people who live in the UK will never see one apart from armed police at airports. Also kids start school at 4, before that have pre-school and nursery
9/22 c5 6EverFlawless
I truly love your version of the Dursley’s, I can’t wait to see where this continues to go.
9/22 c1 EverFlawless
Ftr,Thursday September 22, 2022 3:36

Hufflepuff, Leo, blood type: O

I’m hoping this paints the Dursleys in a good light, and I can’t wait to see where this goes.
9/20 c10 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Aww yay
9/20 c7 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Love this!
9/20 c6 Iamthehungrysharkxx
So so good!
9/20 c5 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Absolutely living for this!
9/20 c1 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Ok wow so excited for this! Is this posted anywhere else by chance? My ffn is collapsing…
9/12 c9 DragonB0b
"is about your children's lives" this is my favorite line so far. Because it's offhand and shows just how much has changed. It's plural. Not Dudley's life but Dudley's and Harry's lives. They are both their children. And that is perfect.
8/26 c30 Mastersgtjames
It just seems like everyone(Malfoy, Diggory, Dumbledore) keep getting away with whatever they want to with mostly slaps on the wrists. With them usually running circles around the MC and his Family and Friends... Really hope that they put the smack down on the Prophet and the Wizengamot.
8/26 c10 Guest
Better stop reading the noncense it was good not dealing with MoRon, and now Snape my Pal stupidity. Next draco Is my lover
So basically a bad recommendation. Really borring and the amount of stupidity pyling over and over make it bad.
8/26 c18 Mastersgtjames
Aww come on! I was finally looking forward to Petunia confronting Dumbledore on trying to destroy the Potter Family, as well as getting reparations. I mean, he neglected Harry, robbed his vaults, ordered the properties and businesses to be abandoned, and put someone in their Wizengamot seat who had views that were directly opposite of their own.
8/26 c15 Mastersgtjames
Gonna be real upset and turned off of the story if they do not get pulled out of Snapes class or if he does not get the fear of God put into him by Petunia or something soon...
8/26 c4 Mastersgtjames
I'm always left feeling upset or let down when a HP fanfic has the MC being robbed(as Dumbledore was taking money from Harry's Trust Vault), only for them to NOT get their property, or in this case, money, back. Feel like Gringotts should have demanded Dumbledore return the money he had taken, possibly with interest, since it was never used to care for Harry, he had never raised Harry, and lastly, that Dumbledore had intentionally blocked them from discovering he was NOT the legal Guardian. Which they would have known had Petunia been able to contact them.
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