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2/17 c11 JJ
I forgot to mention the utter stupidity of the idea that there could be a spell or something that could just give s magical core to a non-magical being.
If that were possible, why wouldn't it also be possible to give squibs (or muggles) a fully functioning magical core?
But if it doesn't suit the author's ridiculous plans which probably won't amount to anything really (I've never seen a fic where any familiar of Harry's was actually useful and more than the author's way of saying "Look what cool things I give my Harry! I'm the best!"), then common sense can just go to hell, right?
2/17 c11 JJ
So, apparently, if only Petunia had reconciled with Lily...

- being called "muggle" would be soooo degrading, when in canon even Hermione never had the smallest issue with that word (and, ob course, despite finding that word sooooo degrading, we'll just continue using it, because it's important enough to have the author get worked up about it for a moment, but not important enough to have the author bother coming up with an alternative),
- squibs are suddenly not defined as non-magical people born to magicals but... what exactly? How can Petunia be a squib, when her parents were non-magical? Oh, right, because it's convenient for the author to make this change, as if it were a consequence of his "What if"-question,
- magical guardians would be a thing (when no such thing was ever even hinted at in canon),
- the economy would be impacted so greatly that the conversion rate between galleon and GBP would change drastically,
- gold could somehow be simultaneously sitting in a vault and be invested (and of course in muggle stocks, because why be original),
- Hogwarts is suddenly compulsory, at least for muggleborns, despite no such thing being mentioned in canon,
- Dumbledore would, of course, have been stealing from Harry for a decade, despite that never even being hinted at in canon, because why not? After all, impossible for him to be portrayed as evil without him being grabby as hell, right? And obviously Petunia and Lily reconciling MUST have made Dumbledore evil too, right?
- somehow Petunia and Lily reconciling would have stopped Dumbledore from using Legilimency on the Granger parents to find out more about the mysterious Ms. Acacia,
- Dudley would have been magical (heaven knows why or how),
- Ollivander would suddenly be selling wands with cores from creatures other than phoenix, dragon or unicorn (not to mention that it would apparently also make thunderbirds real),
- wandless magic would be easy (apparently nobody in canon ever thought to... you know... "concentrate"),
- McGonagall would not care about a pet's species, as long as it isn't a dog
- Gringotts would apparently also be a bookstore (as if it's not bad enough that most fanfics regularly have the goblins handling inheritances, as if that were a bank's job and when it clearly is the Ministry's job in canon)?
- Ron Weasley would for some reason be sorted into Slytherin, despite absolutely nothing happening to him to change things from how his sorting went in canon. Whatever it takes to show him not to presume things in face of the almighty author, eh?
- despite the exact same thing happening in canon, now apparently "the large number of owls was a direct attempt to wrest guardianship back",
- in their very first Charms class they would have "moved on from the Light charm to Aguamenti", a conjuration spell in their very first class? How the hell does that make any sense whatsoever? (and that's even if conjuration isn't transfiguration and whould be taught in that class - but that's a question canon never touched upon, so we can ignore it - it's still nothing for the very first class),
- the Potter family would have a Wizengamot seat, despite nothing of that sort even being hinted at in canon,
- "Hogwarts: A History is an assigned book" now, when in canon it wasn't anywhere on the short list of required books?
- and, of course, somehow Privet Drive apparently became THE hotspot for all venomous snakes in Great Britain - of which there's only one species that actually tends to keep away from humans and isn't particularly dangerous anyway. In most average suburbs in Britain you'd be hard-pressed to find a single snake (including non-venomous ones) in the entire suburb, not to mention a place like Little Whinging, where everything is so immaculate that snakes wouldn't even find enough to eat. But because Petunia made up with Lily, the wards (which really have no reason for being any different from canon) now make all the snakes of Britain congregate in the garden of No 4 Privet Drive and also become really bite-happy?

All of that just because Petunia and Lily reconciled? Yeah, right.

These changes from canon couldn't even be explained with the Butterfly Effect - and that one is a very pathetic explanation for just about anything in general anyway.

You know nothing about writing *actual* "What if"-stories, do you?

Also... "That jerk. He couldn't stay and at least make sure you were alright?"
Is this one of those fics, where you will do what you can to make Ron look bad or is this portrayal of Harry deliberately self-righteous?
Making sure Neville is alright is Madam Pomfrey's job. Neville isn't Ron's friend, not even his housemate. There's no obligation whatsoever to stay around. Then there's that patient-healer confidentiality thing to consider. Privacy, you understand? Maybe even intimacy. Not to mention that guys Neville's age tend to absolutely dislike being seen by their peers while in pain and therefore showing weakness, especially if those peers aren't really close friends.

And what's with that utterly stupid idea that Harry has of bringing his pet to class? Best case: Nobody benefits from it at all but at least nothing bad happens. Worst case: Nobody benefits, but the snake causes a disruption of sorts and Harry gets into trouble (and the snake might get hurt).
So why the hell would Harry think this could be anything better than completely pointless or maybe even pathetically stupid and still completely pointless. Familiar or not, how could this possibly make sense? And, no, I don't care to be reminded that in canon Neville was stupid enough to take Trevor everywhere, apparently including Potions class. That was stupid too and doesn't make what Harry is doing any less stupid.

I'll stop reading this fic here. There seems to be no point reading on. Nothing seems to differ significantly from canon, despite all the changes you made, allegedly based on that "What if"-question but actually not even close. And those changes that you did make not only make no sense, many of them also seem ridiculously cliched.
No, thanks.
2/4 c43 DK87
Wow I loved this story and you are a great writer. Have you publised anything of your own? Any novels or books because if not you really should. <3
1/22 c36 Guest
It is naive to think a million pounds is sufficient to establish the NGO let alone give full all expenses paid scholarships to hundreds of students. And using Harry's money for the benefit of magical society is what Dumbledore did. Harry just might want to keep his money. And let's not pretend he wouldn't be I influenced into giving away his inheritance when Petunia is asking as opposed to Dumbledore or any stranger asking.
1/21 c21 Guest
Petunia, who named her son Dudley objects to the name of the dragon. Ha ha. Good story, thanks.
1/21 c43 maiqsmail
Oh, I feel into that trap again. Reading a fanfic marked as Complete not realising it has an abandoned sequel. Oh well...
It was an interesting story and I fully appreciate how many things have happened all during the Year One. None of this stretching things for years with regularly scheduled end-of-the-year crises. I also liked the unorthodox good!Dursleys for once. Vernon was the last believable to stay in character while doing so, but you pushed his involvement into freaky business to minimum and used his "business" side more, which was a smart thing to do.
I do not appreciate Harry getting placed into philosopher stone confrontation, so many fics create unique AUs and then fall into including all major events as they were in canon box master what happened in their universes in between these events.
I'm not reading the abandoned sequel, but at least this story was pretty good and relaxing.
1/21 c39 maiqsmail
Damn, and I *almost* relaxed on Dumbdumb and he went and throw that memory charm.
1/20 c26 maiqsmail
More exposition on backlash from liberating Sirius, so far all we have is POVs of people involved. I wanna the magical society reaction on that.
1/20 c19 maiqsmail
Meh, I fully expected them to bankrupt the Dumbdumb, not just "understandable, have a nice day". He still used up money that weren't his and could recompense.
1/19 c7 maiqsmail
I was disappointed because all sortings were same as canon, Duds predictably landed in Puffs, but the hilarious part with the Weasel ending up a snake has just about made up for all that.
12/20/2023 c43 Tracy Bair
loved I mean loved your story. I hope your muse returns to finish this excellent entertaining tale.

11/27/2023 c4 1LoneWolfAndCub
Gotta love it when Tuney Dursley is out for blood, Dumbledore played FAnFO.
10/11/2023 c42 bobthebuilding
Ugh, and that ruined the story for me.

A magical potion that can grant squib-ness is utterly absurd and against canon, the entire point of the pureblood "they're stealing our magic" bullsh*t is that it ISN'T true, and this kind of twist destroys a huge point of the themes of Harry Potter.

So, I am utterly dropping this fic.
10/10/2023 c28 bobthebuilding
Gotta be honest, this fic would be 1000x better without this Tina brat in it.

It's a great story, but I find myself wincing every time Tina shows up because I know it's gonna be a drag.
10/9/2023 c17 bobthebuilding
Remus didn't recognize Scabbers as Wormtail?
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