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6/13/2019 c1 Guest
This honestly tugged at my heart so much. I have always always loved the way you write and have been saving your newest fic as a treat for when I had enough time to cuddle in and read. You are so talented - you are able to write so naturally in a way that I effortlessly can picture the story and scenes as if I was watching it on screen. I felt every emotion mostly because I’ve been in a similar situation. Loved that you wrote this as a slice of life and loved that you kept the ending that way. Please keep writing. Still hanging on every world of Couples Therapy. Thanks Maya!
6/11/2019 c1 Guest
Oh my God! Loved it but the ending makes me really sad
6/11/2019 c1 Guest
Beautiful but too sad. I was hoping for a happg ending. And I just can't see Harvey choosing Scottie over Donna. Never.
6/11/2019 c1 9nikkaq
This felt so real. I loved this one, I can somehow relate to it. Thank you for sharing this, Maya! Really love it when you write Darvey! :)
6/10/2019 c1 Guest
I just loved it. Just felt sorry for donna :(
6/10/2019 c1 1analunogueira
I really loved it!
6/10/2019 c1 Guest
Damn I would love to read it right now but I didn't know that it was gonna be angsty. I've read a little and must stop here. Nothing about it is offensive, it's just that I cannot deal with this sort of fiction right now. My mind is so overburdened with work that I can only digest some fluff as it brings me back down.
I do hope you won't take it down because I would come back to it in 2 or 3 weeks. I love all your stories and would not miss this one for the world.
6/10/2019 c1 23takeyourside
I love this! It’s really different and fresh, and definitely not worthy of the title ‘unreadable’. Thanks for sharing!

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