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for Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet

1/18 c91 FM
Hi! This is amazing. Truly one of the best fanfictions I’ve ever read. I hope your doing better now, and I truly cannot wait for you to update again!
1/13 c91 b.con.luv
Are you going to continue this story?
1/8 c91 jaqmaq77
And last chapter read, and very good the story is - I can wait for more... It does get confusing at times, I'm following 6 i progress stories at the moment and the last chapters I read were of 'Frozen Hearts Melting' in which Lucius is a good guy and Draco is one of Harrys best friends... and another where Harry is in love with Fleur...
1/8 c89 jaqmaq77
I'm finding Harry's paranoia more than a bit paranoid, yes I get that he doesn't trust, but I have found people that paranoid to be self destructive and a danger to others. That kind of Paranoia tends to damage other people. When it blows, they are either in a secure ward or the cemetery... the difference is the one goes alone and the other takes other people with them.
You gave the perfect example - Harry is so deep in Paranoia, he will suffer rather than seek help...
1/8 c82 jaqmaq77
That was a tense chapter, the confrontation with Draco was well done and believable... his petty grudge from a snub echo's Snape hating Harry for what his father did - reminds me of a conversation I overheard in the southwest between two rednecks, "Hey Buddy, why do you hate Andy?" "Well, see... 'bout a hundred years ago, his ancestor done borrowed something and never gave it back... so we done gots a feud, so I gots to hate him."
It's like a Christian hating a Jew, because it was the Jews what crucified Jesus... and here's ignorant me thought it was the Romans...
1/8 c81 jaqmaq77
Nice... the snake bit was funny... (well, I thought it was funny...)
1/5 c77 jaqmaq77
Touching and funny in one chapter, love the direction this story is going.
1/5 c73 jaqmaq77
Now that was brilliant, you got to love Hermione... and Harry finally got pissed off enough to speak his mind. And about time too... Sirius wasn't listening, entitled pure-blood... James wanted Lily, so Lily had no say in the matter. This chapter really made me feel angry, and I agreed with every word Harry and Hermione said... I'm surprised Hermione didn't ask what Sirius would do if one of his friends wanted her... Would he get her drunk and trapped? Harry's right - this universes Siri is scum... entitled scum.
1/5 c71 jaqmaq77
Naughty giant squid... and I laughed... Don't you just love Peeves...
The Goblins are going to be happy - Bill got the Horcrux, that should help with Harry's scar.
1/5 c70 jaqmaq77
I like it... an improved map that only Harry can read is brilliant.
He's still being dense though, he only needs a glance at the map at dinner time to see Crouch in the great hall and Moody in his quarters
1/5 c69 jaqmaq77
Yep, made me laugh... I just had to flip to a photo of me at 19 with a pony tail that reached the middle of my back... My sister used to sit and brush it and braid it... good memories... I loved that 1956 700cc Royal Enfield.(I look in the mirror at my 6 inch middle parting and sigh...)
1/5 c68 jaqmaq77
Is it weird that I'm hoping McGonagall is also under potions and compulsions?
Good chapter, I like Flitwick, and a nearly human Snape? That's excellent. what a great imagination you have.
1/5 c67 jaqmaq77
The balance was spot on - Harry and Snape's interaction was brilliantly done. I would think that with a little trust in place, a week or two, maybe the idea of mind magic lessons could be broached.
1/5 c66 jaqmaq77
This one put a grin on my face, the interaction and dialogue was well done. I was thinking up a meeting between the four heads of house, and McGonagall moaning about not being able to figure out why Harry's points don't register... and Flitwick saying, "The un-housed don't get or lose points, Minerva." "What do you mean Un-housed?" she asked. "Your lions threw Potter out, ripped up his clothes, smashed his trunk and pissed on all his stuff, You never noticed his robe has no house badge? They said walking up to a Dragon and speaking to it was cowardly, and threw him out..."
Minerva gasped... (Just me having fun - also surprised Harry never blew up and trashed her as a head... Manky scotch git almost made him soil his robes...)
1/5 c65 jaqmaq77
I kind of get the hugging issue, but sometimes it's a bit... strange? I can say I have a lot of friends, both male and female of both leanings... but your bit about someone saying the Harry/Bill bit making them uncomfortable, Kind of hit me... I hate being touched, male or female, straight or gay... putting an arm round my shoulder makes me cringe... makes me feel sick...
but I must ask this, a grown man, holding and cuddling a young boy, calling him sweetheart and love? I must ask, a grown man, a friend of yours, picking up your 14 year old daughter, cuddling her and calling her sweetheart and love, as she sat in his lap wouldn't make you feel uncomfortable? I'm not comfortable holding my granddaughters like that, Yes, a quick hug, as toddlers, but at 14? I don't think so... But I still like the story... it's well written, even with the sometimes weird words, but dyslexia excuses a lot.
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