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for Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet

28m c87 siobhan.22
Good chapter
1h c87 5Blue Luver5000
Great chapter
4h c87 death390
By all means take your time. while I like others would prefer fast chapters, i would rather have good ones. That said you keep yourself safe and happy. This is not a job but a hobby, enjoy it i know I have enjoyed reading it.
6h c87 Goddes20
I’m so sorry you’re going through all that stress hang in there. Please know that your wonderful writing is greatly appreciated and the highlight of my week
can’t wait to read more
6h c87 3Charlee56
Beautifully done.
14h c87 153slytherinsal
hang in there, stay well.
when all else fails, eat chocolate.
15h c87 mooneysfate
this was lovely, thanks! :)
19h c87 17griffin blackwood
Interesting chapter! It was a nice update
19h c87 2roon0
Lovely to have an update. Until the next time. Keep safe.
20h c87 1DJDrake
short but good... stay healthy.
1/14 c11 Snowball1982
Thank you for the story. Snowball
1/9 c11 Crest1
Sorry but... where is the difference to CanonHarry? Your Harry is just as defeatist as JKRs. Your title says "Harry... takes control" - well, get to it! This is getting tedious because all of us underdogs are waiting for Harry to stand up for himself, and eleven chapters in, he still is submissive, round back, tucked tail, "yes, master, I'll dance to whatever tune you set".

Get cracking, dude, I want revenge on... well, anybody!
1/1 c86 10old-crow

The Harry-Snape meeting arc was well-told. That said, I hope that your Snape actually takes action and eliminates one of his enemies. Burning down Privet Drive would not be out of line either. Nor would having McGonagall contact her old friend Amelia regarding DD and what has been going on at the castle,

The best storytelling advice that I ave received came from Bobmin and Alyx years back when they were writing their Sunset epic tale. He pointed out that (at the time) there were over 100,000 HP tales and to never be afraid to seriously deviate from the canon storyline with big changes - big changes like having Harry not take the cup because he could sense it as a portkey, or was legitimately beaten to it by Diggory, Big changes like having Snape eliminate the Dursleys and Malfoys. Big changes like having Harry kill a half dozen DEs in the graveyard. Big changes like having Junior get caught before the third task, Big changes like having the goblins start their search for the horcruxes, Big changes like having Ron stumble onto the Diadem, and have the Unspeakables declare that Riddle has not been killed.

My point is, despite your premise that your Harry has decided to think for himself a bit, you are still following the year-four framework very closely.

The framework for most of the Harry wises up/DD is controlling tales is that Harry (and mentors) stay under DD's radar as long as possible, until Harry gets strong enough to stand on his own two feet, or they acquire enough evidence to truly hurt DD. Your DD, ignored her Will, illegally controlled a bunch of people (including Poppy) stole a bunch from Harry and there is good documentation to back it up. Something needs to happen.

You also have the Harry owns Hogwarts thread - again, something needs to happen.

Here's to 2021. Here's to hoping that you make the big change in the next handful of chapters.


12/26/2020 c14 Harrypotter84
Harry was born in 1980 not 84
12/23/2020 c22 1storp930
Please don't be slashif it is it is just hoping
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