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for Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet

4/19/2021 c90 Deal With Itt
I hope the hospital helps.
Good chapter, I really like Nifflers.
4/19/2021 c90 mizzrazz72
Draco commented on Harry's looks.
4/19/2021 c90 3Geovanni Luciano
It's Evans, not Evens.
4/19/2021 c90 death390
All good man, your health is the most important thing. Even if you had to stop writing for years that would still be more important.

Also minor correction, it should be petition not partition when Daphne is talking about the vote.
4/19/2021 c90 3Charlee56
I'm loving this story! I love in particular how it's Malfoy who is regarded even by the rest of Slytherin as an almost no-account loudmouthed child.
Harry's put-down of him was damned near epic!
One point, though: the word is actually PETITIONED. Not "partitioned". You might want to correct the mistake since it's repeated a few times.
4/19/2021 c90 SkylerHollow
First off, thanks for the chapter. Also hope the hospital visit goes well.
4/19/2021 c90 Pteaset
So good
4/19/2021 c90 kirsty21
cool update soon please and thank you
4/19/2021 c90 17griffin blackwood
That was an amazing take down
4/19/2021 c89 nikolasowa
Please update!
4/13/2021 c7 Guest
I like the story so far, but do yourself and everyone a favor and remove all the useless trigger warnings and other random notes on every chapter. Just put a single disclaimer at the start of the first chapter that warns people that the story might contain this and that. Because all those notes do is break the readers immersion and make your story look messy.
3/23/2021 c33 12helrio uzugaku
First off holy shit, I'm gonna have to cut it at chapter 33.

I hate leaving fics unfinished but damn, the trigger warnings are no joke. Take it from me, this fic has me feeling like shit it's so trigger infested. A trigger warning should be in the damn title at this rate.

Besides my moaning the story is good. Well written, well planned and the theory buried in here is intriguing. The law, the realism, the delicately crafted problems Harry is suffering from are out of this world detailed. It's had ice sitting in my stomach the whole time. Unique perspectives and ideas in a lot of the finer details like Harry and how he could have gotten out of the tournament and now how he is technically bound to it.

I never liked canon Ron, he's a prat as the British would say. In goblet of fire I imagined that being the start of Harry's friendship with the moron breaking down, order of the Phoenix just finished it off. I didn't like how all was forgiven in canon with no effort and am happy with where things are. But this is like 'a series of unfortunate events' all over again, a long dark, not darke, DARK hallway with no light at the end in sight. It's depressing, but I think that's what the writer was going for so it's fine.

Is it my cup of tea? No, and no that wasn't meant to be a British joke, an accidental pun I swear. This is not something I can hang onto for long periods of time. My constitution wasn't built for dark and misery all the time and the small heartwarming moments, while touching, are like a few drops in an ocean of bad, pretty until the dark water corrupts it.

And if my prophetic ability to predict what happens in a fic is right, it usually is with a few exceptions, then this is going to get A LOT worse before it gets any better, story wise. So I'm sorry, to the author, this just isn't something I can stomach in large doses but hopefully I'll go hug enough puppies to warm my darkened heart and come back to this at a later date.

It isn't bad at all. If your the kind of reader that likes 'a series of unfortunate events' well I'm sure you'll find this fic one to be a personal favorite. Till next time.
3/23/2021 c89 Cassandra30
Love Dobby! Good chapter.
3/21/2021 c89 bladefax
Great story keep up the awesome work
3/18/2021 c14 love4HP
I don't appreciate you implying or Hermione implying that Harry gets away with a lot or gets special treatment. That is not true. I hate Hermione no matter how fair or good you try to portray her. You fail miserably. As if she didn't get away with special treatment what with winning almost equal points in first year in the end of getting a time Turner. Hate hate hate her.
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