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for Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet

2/7 c91 slyhuff
wow what a great fic its becoming, i really want to read more, not a criticism but ur may be good to have someone check for spelling mistakes, other than that its a very well thought out fic
2/5 c16 Guest
16 chapters of an idiotic moron who deserves his fate. I’m out. Story is beyond stupid.
2/5 c15 Guest
So Harry continues to defy the title and remains an unmitigated retard.
2/5 c14 Guest
So Harry continues to defy the title and remains an unmitigated idiot.
2/5 c13 Guest
So Harry continues to defy the title and remains an unmitigated moron.
2/5 c12 Guest
12 chapters and Harry is still mentally retarded. When does he get smart?
2/5 c10 Guest
This was labeled as Harry gets smart. What a lie. He’s studying now but still has absolutely no sense whatsoever and still has his priorities completely assbackwards. This Harry in addition to this hermione are fucking idiotic and not good people. I don’t want them to succeed now because of how sickeningly stupid they are. Hope Harry dies. Stupidity of his level deserves nothing less. Hope hermione is enslaved by Ron, she would deserve it for her complete lack of loyalty to Harry while Ron is acting the complete asshole. Ron is suffering not at all for his betrayal. Ron needs to die.
2/5 c8 Guest
Hermione is a complete and utter bitch for spending time with Ron. I would drop her as Harry as hermione isn’t trustworthy if she still hangs with Ron.
2/5 c7 Guest
Hermiones being an idiotic bitch here. Harry is not being the stupid one in this. It’s ALL on Ron. Hermione is betraying Harry here.
2/5 c6 Guest
So you are into torturing children…. I think I’m going to go. I have no interest in writers who just continue to pile on the negatives and refuse any and all positives. Your AUs come across as you trying to be cutesy with your child torture. That makes you seem like a psychotic asshole.
2/5 c4 Guest
No. No logical reason at all. Just you forcing shitty drama against reason. I know your trying to set this up but you are really straining all believability.
2/6 c15 1kittyranma
Ginny is also traumatized, she never received any mind healing. You can't convince me that she was fine after being possessed for approximately 9 months.
2/6 c8 kittyranma
This is pretty good so far. The only criticism I have is the placement of your trigger warnings. They really should be at the top of the chapters. They are supposed to warn people there coming up. So you can skip or be prepared for it. Putting them at the bottom is like closing the vault after it's been robbed. To little too late.
2/5 c91 loleo
With all those grammar and spelling errors… I like this story very much
2/4 c36 slyhuff
this is a good fic and well written but i would suggest having someone read it before you post as it has quite a few spelling mistakes
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