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for Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet

1/5 c68 jaqmaq77
Is it weird that I'm hoping McGonagall is also under potions and compulsions?
Good chapter, I like Flitwick, and a nearly human Snape? That's excellent. what a great imagination you have.
1/5 c67 jaqmaq77
The balance was spot on - Harry and Snape's interaction was brilliantly done. I would think that with a little trust in place, a week or two, maybe the idea of mind magic lessons could be broached.
1/5 c66 jaqmaq77
This one put a grin on my face, the interaction and dialogue was well done. I was thinking up a meeting between the four heads of house, and McGonagall moaning about not being able to figure out why Harry's points don't register... and Flitwick saying, "The un-housed don't get or lose points, Minerva." "What do you mean Un-housed?" she asked. "Your lions threw Potter out, ripped up his clothes, smashed his trunk and pissed on all his stuff, You never noticed his robe has no house badge? They said walking up to a Dragon and speaking to it was cowardly, and threw him out..."
Minerva gasped... (Just me having fun - also surprised Harry never blew up and trashed her as a head... Manky scotch git almost made him soil his robes...)
1/5 c65 jaqmaq77
I kind of get the hugging issue, but sometimes it's a bit... strange? I can say I have a lot of friends, both male and female of both leanings... but your bit about someone saying the Harry/Bill bit making them uncomfortable, Kind of hit me... I hate being touched, male or female, straight or gay... putting an arm round my shoulder makes me cringe... makes me feel sick...
but I must ask this, a grown man, holding and cuddling a young boy, calling him sweetheart and love? I must ask, a grown man, a friend of yours, picking up your 14 year old daughter, cuddling her and calling her sweetheart and love, as she sat in his lap wouldn't make you feel uncomfortable? I'm not comfortable holding my granddaughters like that, Yes, a quick hug, as toddlers, but at 14? I don't think so... But I still like the story... it's well written, even with the sometimes weird words, but dyslexia excuses a lot.
1/5 c57 jaqmaq77
Quite an emotional chapter.
I picture Lily standing at the wedding and making a speech along the lines of, "I married the scum-sucking bastard because he trapped me with a tricked contract, got me drunk and pregnant. I'm carrying the spawns bastard heir. I swear on my life and my magic, if he tries to touch me again, he better never fall asleep, because I will go happy to Azkaban for cutting his throat. As I say, so mote it be." Then Dumbles has to wipe the memories of the congregation... leaving James near tears... He honestly believed she would be happy to be trapped.
1/4 c53 jaqmaq77
Brilliant diary- well written and captivating story... Trapped with someone you hate, could it get any worse? I'm looking forward to Harry's meeting with Sirius now...
1/4 c38 2MrPeaches88
Right I’m bloody confused. If he’s taken the potion to get rid of the compulsions then why is he still following Dumbledores orders after repeatedly arguing with him? You’ve made Harry out to be an absolute wimp who backs down on everything! This story seems to be going nowhere very fast
1/4 c50 jaqmaq77
I like the idea of Hermione trusting enough to get tested, and listening to Harry. Very well done chapter, very entertaining.
1/4 c46 jaqmaq77
great chapters, if a bit fluffy... I'm a guy, I don't do feelings...

Ref: Six of Crows... Don't be silly... Bardugo was a half Goblin and D'lacy was a Muggleborn curse breaker... the books were released in the magic world 30 years before the muggle's got them... as children's fantasy... so stop apologising...
In 1958 I was watching colour telly on holiday in the states... back home in Scotland, colour telly came out around November '69' Australia got sport tv in colour middle of June '67'
1/4 c41 jaqmaq77
Why do I get the feeling some revenge is on the cards?
I can see Ron pissing himself over Harry being Gryffindor and Slytherin... should be interesting.
1/4 c38 jaqmaq77
Excellent chapter, and very well done. The headmaster's determination to not follow tradition in Harry's name preference, yet get him to follow tradition with the ball... and Mcgonagall's obviously spelled to believe everything Dumbledore says... I just love how evil and twisted your Dumbledore is.
1/4 c36 jaqmaq77
I find it difficult to believe that none of the teachers have noticed Harry has not been in the tower at all. It would be impossible for kids not to talk and be overheard. But the story is interesting if implausible. The rumour mill in Hogwarts is well documented, a mouse breaking wind in the dungeon is known in the tower almost instantly.
1/3 c32 jaqmaq77
Now that was brilliantly beautiful and very moving... the sinner realises he is a sinner.
1/3 c27 jaqmaq77
Nice fluffy chapter. the conversation with Charlie and Harry was good.
1/3 c26 jaqmaq77
Great chapters, very interesting. I've read others where he spoke to the Dragon but I don't think your way has been done before.
One of the best was a one-shot where Harry was moaning and the Dragon asked what was wrong... can't remember name, but the last line was something like, "Accio faster... then laughter from the Dragon.

Re Note: Sometimes verbal violence is worse... Making people feel worthless with never-ending put-downs... My friends husband told her how worthless she was, how she couldn't even make coffee properly... when he died in a bike accident, she was practically unable to function, without orders, she was lost. It took years for her to regain her self worth...
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