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for Dragon Will Fly 2019 REWRITE

12/29/2020 c9 1Hiccstrid-OnlyI hate modern au
What... I’m confused I thought u weren’t going to finish
So excited
2/13/2020 c9 Guest
Oh damn I loved this story and I was looking forward, I understand ur reasons completely and respect that
I just there’s no good stories being written right now so it also sucks but I also 100% understand
12/21/2019 c8 Lovetoread89
I can’t wait to read more. Don’t lose confidence in yourself, you’re a wonderful writer who has a talent for character exploration. Have a great Christmas and I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter!
12/20/2019 c8 CHSHiccstrid
I’m not sure what to say really. This chapter was definitely the close of an act and therefore was kind of fulfilling besides the ending. That however feels like it isn’t such a cliff hanger that I’m like is hiccup going to die?! It’s beautifully written! And what you’ve said the the an is true and I think your story fits into the world perfectly! I can’t wait to see what you do next!
12/13/2019 c8 1XSLS
Are u not going to do the marital contract in this version?
11/18/2019 c7 CHSHiccstrid
Yay! I love this so much! The way you describe every detail makes an amazing picture! I can’t help but wonder how your going to end this since it is so different compared to the original. can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds!
9/30/2019 c6 CHSHiccstrid
Awesome! This is so much better than the original! I thought you killed Krogan at the beginning of this story? Please correct me if I’m wrong. See you in the next chapter!
8/26/2019 c5 CHSHiccstrid
I like this! It’s much bettter than your original and I really liked that one to! Can’t wait to see what you change next!
8/26/2019 c5 Antox
I was scared this story would have been discontinued. The relief I felt when I got the notif was tremendous. As usual chapters are worth the wait. Thank you for making this a bit longer and giving more background on other characters
7/11/2019 c4 CHSHiccstrid
Nice! I’m liking this rewrite much better that the original story! You are making it more complex!
7/8/2019 c4 Antox
My favorite rtte fic is getting a rewrite? This is even better! I'm so hyped to see more! I absolutely love the way you write their banter
7/8/2019 c4 3Gaming9
Waiting patiently for number 5
6/12/2019 c1 1Hiccstrid-OnlyI hate modern au
Your awesome

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