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for Watching Avengers: Endgame

5/8 c6 Guest
Pepperony And WinterNat PLEASEEEEEEEE!
4/29 c6 Guest
Why didnt you completed the fic
4/17 c6 Piper Wilkinson
I vote for Bucky and Natasha
3/26 c6 davidiscoolya113
Words fixsz plaz mu k.
3/27 c1 2Pepperonyfan1982
Can I be absolutely truthful just for a moment? This story has potential but it needs a whole lot of work before it will be decent. Your grammar is utterly horrendous, the way you use language is clunky and stunted, it should flow like water and honestly it doesn’t. Your Syntax is way off. You know what, though? I will not spoon feed you the fixes because if I do you will never learn. I suggest Grammarly or ProWritingAid or the help of an appropriately qualified adult that you trust.
3/21 c6 Nigeria
Don’t seperate tony and pepper!
3/21 c6 Lloydflash
Bruh why would Bruce ask such a stupid question? The answer is literally in what he said smh
3/21 c6 Nog
Wasn’t he getting stuff for ghost?
3/21 c5 Biffter
Tony already knows about the name
3/21 c5 Lig
No need to shake your head at Peter tony smh
3/21 c5 Nigeria
I don’t see how Steve having the compass is sad
3/21 c5 LF
Oh don’t see how rocket is unbelievable to peter after everything that he’s seen
3/21 c5 LF
My bad I misread tony as thor
3/21 c5 LF
Bruh Thor was there
3/21 c4 LF
He kissed his forehead?!
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