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for Exhaustion

6/15 c1 65MorgantheFae
Yoon, baby, you need to sleep. It’s good for your health and for the people you’re taking care of, since you’ll be thinking more clearly and won’t make stupid mistakes.
7/20/2019 c1 49jazzmonkey
I was waiting for someone to do this! Like, the poor boy has fixed half an army and seems to still be going, like what? Thank you for writing this, it was great!

Sidenote, the way Yoon is going, he's unintentionally amassing an army of his own alongside Yona and Hak by treating soldiers left and right as well as cooking for them and tending to them with his pretty boy face.
7/2/2019 c1 BakaRaijuu
What a nice little fic. Perfect amount of fluff and angst. Thank you

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