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1/29/2020 c1 7Althea Sirius
Aw! Bonding! I love it!
6/17/2019 c1 50mariobroultimate
How nice of Mario!
6/14/2019 c1 1Mitha Sentro
No wonder why they compete in surf from the trailer! XD

Such a good friendship. Maybe best pal ever!
6/13/2019 c1 10TheGameNguyener
I think I favorited this story before I began my shift. But since I ended up staying 2 hours longer than what I was scheduled for because we had so much stuff to catch up on, I couldn't review this earlier.

Right now, this is a good omen to the Tokyo Olympics coming in November. I think I said this earlier, but seeing the character wear special outfits for the events makes it look a bit fresh. Peach and Tails in karate outfits, Mario and Luigi in tank tops, Sonic wearing a wetsuit, it's really a slight difference but it adds that extra detail compared to the other games.

Seeing Mario help out Sonic was a nice gesture. Reminds me of my NB scene of him teaching Sonic how to swim. Great oneshot!


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