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7/23 c5 29Zephyrus-Prime
This story is disgustingly cute. I desperately wish it was on the priority list but I guess I'll have to make do with the occasional update.

I admit I'm supremely intrigued by a triangle with Marci, Gwen, and Ben. Unsure if that's where you all will take it but I hope you do!
7/18 c5 Rin
I actually felt like barfing rainbows during their whole "possessive" fit, it was just so adorable. And I feel so sorry for Marci. She's just a misunderstood child who has a lot expected from her, especially from her overbearing mother. I just hope she turns out okay.

I also get the feeling that a lot of characters are becoming painfully aware of where Ben and Gwen's..."friendship" is headed, and I can't wait for the rollercoaster ride cuz its gonna be AWES~OME
7/12 c5 3Zeta Grey
It's a good chapter, the only thing dampening it for me is the fact I know it'll be awhile before another comes out, looking forward to the next one regardless. :)
7/3 c5 SrChangeling1
So, next chapter we are definitely going into that deep shit. I don't believe they can just ignore what is happening with the kids anymore. I really love this story and I hope both of you can dedicate just a little bit more time in the future to it but I know LM has been going fast as fuck recently so I can understand. I'm actually waiting for that to end so that I can binge it. Hope to see an update soon, take care of yourselves.
7/3 c5 AL
Now we're going to get the therapist chapter after this. Too many signs blatantly pointing out that are attached far closer then what is normal. Much is obvious to anyone paying attention.

Though I wonder if Marci will start asking her parents about relationships now. I would think so, considering how she was able to pick up how similar their companionship is too adults then children their age.

Deep dive for this one. Thanks for posting.
7/1 c5 Anonymoose
Adorbs. Can I have more please
7/2 c5 1Hinate
Bwen forever...
The sweetness and fluff is just diabetic... Bwen stay together... and the world can just deal with it... I love that opening line of this world and love it more to see it getting implied all throughout.. felt a lil sorry for Marci.. but it's still her who was trying to be manipulative and had bad intentions she needed a wake up call.. I think some grown up needs to explain it to her she can't get everything she wants...the way she wants..
Anyways loved this... can't wait for more... they're 7 eh.. I can't begin to imagine how you guys are gonna take it from here... but I'll believe they'll always be together... and the world can just deal with it...
Thank you so much guys... you're awesome!
Take care you two! Stay Safe~~
7/2 c1 Hinate
Bwen forever...
this made me cry... lol idk why just 2 cute lil kids really cute and fluffy Good job you two... let this one stay cute and light hearted forever... Bwen...
7/1 c5 salamander blue
Really good chapter
7/1 c5 33Car45
Another great chapter. I'll be waiting anxiously for more.
7/1 c5 Signed2TheHeat
I see Marci even at a young age was none other than the sultan of slime, a graduate of Playa Hater University with a doctoral degree in deviousness.

She probably ain’t have her glasses on because it’s plain to see a bond like that can’t be shaken. Also this chapter almost made me explode, Gwen really studded up for her Ben. Cute!Mesa around if you wana. Might get one of those dessert spoons where the sun don’t shine.
6/30 c5 Planetary Maelstrom
Man, this story makes me feel like a kid again! Hope you continue for a long time because your writing is fantastic. Take care.
6/30 c5 gwb620
Excellent chapter, part of me feels sorry for Marci, she’s a girl who appears to have a very strict stuck up mother and just wants live up the expectations placed on her. Then there is fact that she also seems to have a crush on Ben and well that didn’t go to well. On the other hand she is manipulative but I point back to her home life for that, in the end she’s still just a child who’s friend had, in her eyes, turned on her for her cousin and now said boy doesn’t return her feeling either. Also went back and reread the entire story up to now, and realized that the first chapter takes place the day I was born lol
6/30 c5 Darck Master
Ah hombre, me has hecho sentir mal por Marci.
6/30 c5 2BrazeRancor
Ah man, you’ve made me feel bad for Marci. Perhaps she and Gwen will remain friends in the future? A change of pace to be sure.

Thanks for the update!
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