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19h c71 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Amazing Chapter
21h c46 1AngelAznDiva
(First of all, I’m on chapter 46, so if you mention this later on I the sorry, I’m sorry and please ignore me. And now on to the actual review)

I am really enjoying the story so far. I would’ve left a review earlier but I have been so into the story that I just kept on pressing “Next” without thinking. The plot has been very smooth and flow from one thing to another making it very easy to read and get suck into the story. Whenever I read, I feel like I’ve been transported into a movie theather and I’m watching the movie as I read. Thank you very much for providing this great story and even more thanks for the magic that you put into your story.
1/17 c71 La Traductrice Fr
Oh my God, I apreciate Grim more and more. He's so intense and interesting. His interactions with Izuku are amazing to read. The noose gradually tightens and you raise the pressure creshendo ... I look forward to the meeting between Eri and Deku, I think I tell you that every time X)
Besides, I also miss Katchan and Izuku together, I feel that their reunion will be sweet and explosive. Otherwise, I forgot to tell you last time, but it's a really good idea to have limited psychic Quirks, that we can counter them in some way with natural elements. It kind of rebalances the game. Also I wonder what got Izu off so far, I would have said One For All but he only had it at 14 so that can't be it. Huum... maybe something Katchan related? I don't know why but I like this idea of passive protection on his part u_u
Bref, the little section with Kirishima was a pleasure to read and a perfect way to hang up the cars with the plot of the anime. I naturally ask myself questions about Suneater's past, I want to take him in my arms and reassure him that all is well and that he's great and that he doesn't have to worry about anything...

Thank you for this wonderful and big chapter ! Until next time :3
1/11 c47 6Heracelio
All Might lack of teaching has always been a narrative issue even if the canon acknowledges it. You made it real and even give it a backstory.

It’s nice that in the end he was given a chance despite his huge failure.

Now Aizawa has to calm two very concerned class of students dreading their bloodbath/exams.
1/10 c70 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Very exciting chapter
I liked it
1/10 c70 La Traductrice Fr
Aaaaaah yeeeees ! That was really awesome !
I loved the scene from Katsuki's point of view with Eri, even better than I imagined ;) On the other hand, I was seriously disappointed with Mirio, I love him so much though, too bad... Ohlala Izuku is in probleeeems he always finds himself in extreme situations, poor boy.
Aah, I was sure Grim was hiding a dark past, I love the fact that he's actually a dad, it makes his attitude with Izuku less weird.
So, WHERE'S THE NEXT CHAPTER ? Huhu, you make me really addicted, it's crazy !

Thank you for your work and see you next week I hope :3
1/10 c70 2MaxAngelOfDeath
Is Eri his daughter? She would be about the same age and Overhaul has a man with a psychic quirk that could've messed with his lovers mind. Is that where you're going with this? Because that would be AWESOME
1/8 c69 87babyvfan
I think Grim has some potential, especially as a anti-hero. Kinda like Seline Kyle, where they're on that tipping scale between bad and good. And it would be interesting since I think an anti-hero would shake up Puppy's and the other mindsets between good and evil.

And, I won't lie, you got real real excited when you revealed he's part of the yukata (Asian mafia). I, who love and live for mafia AU, finds it interesting

Like I said before, I always always worry whenever the couple are separated since that usually leads to unneeded drama and more. But I do trust you and you haven't let me down just yet
1/6 c34 6Heracelio
Enji death is so brutal and fast, he was just saved and one deku snatching nomu later he’s dead.

I’m always taken aback by this last scenevery well made), it is a gut punch to discover preventing a vision isn’t enough to save for sure.
1/6 c33 Heracelio
Waitthat kast part was a vision ? I originally thought it was Inko ill placed angst that cause it but it might already be the starting if that yakuza or even the the institute if the shinso is any indication...

I totally missed that the first time around!
1/5 c68 87babyvfan
Once again- cause I don't remember whether or not I said it before- HAPPY NEW YEAR. Here's the massive hope that 2021 is much kinder to us than 2020 is. That's all I can hope for. That's what I hope for all of us

Tell me why when Hothead said bastard, all I could think is that scene in Friends where they splash water into Joey's face and Chandelier stepping, saying, "You left the toilet seat up, YOU BASTARD." I laughed. I hollered. I cackled.

That got me such a good laugh

And then things got darker. A lot lot darker. Once again Puppy went through too damn much. He really deserves a break for all his troubles.

I don't know how I feel about the separation. I don't like separations with my couples. Anytime a book does that,I'm nervous because it means unnecessary angst, drama, and the possibility of a love triangle starting up which is the last thing I needed

However I do trust you. So I'll take the leap
1/2 c69 9caicaivilu13
Wuoo. Izuku por primera vez pasa una post luna sin Kacchan -O
Y aún es coherente. O mejor dicho, esperaba que colapsara más. No es que me queje! Si fuera más inconexo no podría hacer la misión encubierta. Aún así, me faltó algo más de angustia emocional (recuerdo cómo estaba la luna llena en el bosque, Miles de muertes pequeñas, que igual dejaron su cerebro con interferencia o.o) ¡Solo es mi opinión! Puede que si releo la historia, note que todo está bien y yo soy la del error
Me encantó Kacchan mostrando que no está bien. Dedicándose a lo que puede controlar y evitando pensar en Izuku. _
En cuanto a Grimm, me da miedo y simpatía a la vez. Es decir, es un Yakuza; un tipo duro y de ideas firmes capaz de asesinar, mover droga o personas. Según lo que intuyo, es que tiene cierta fascinación con la muerte y el que alguien que experimenta la muerte, siga vivo y se acerque, debe tenerlo en éxtasis. Pero, sigue siendo peligroso. No estoy segura si lastimaría a Izukun o se dedicaría a matar a sus conocidos, para dejarlo totalmente dependiente. Creo que ese nivel de peligro representa. De momento.

Cómo siempre, muy agradecida por tu esfuerzo de escribir. Es facinante cómo tratas la relación de Izuku y Katsuki, una dependencia particular que se ve amenazada/comprometida con la inserción de Eri (Izuku jamás sacrificaría a Katsuki, y sin embargo, lo hizo por Eri *\0/* )
Ánimos para que continúes y mucha buena vibra para este comienzo de año!
1/1 c67 87babyvfan
HAPPY 2021, SENSIBLY. May this year he kinder and better than 2020 was for us. That's all I can ask for. That's my only goal for the day.

And you came through with the chapters. Won't lie. Compared to most, it wasn't quite quite as heavy as the other chapters. Hell, there was some that were really hitting hard with the feelings

As usual great job
1/1 c69 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
MATE Hapoy new year
And I really like the character of Grim
Thnx for the Chapter
12/31/2020 c69 idk
I loved grim personality! He seems so sweet and gentle and firm. I loved how you made him.
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