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for Unto the Breach

12/24/2021 c86 La Traductrice Fr
Mouhahaha ! Amazing !

I didn't realize right away that the two clowns were Gentle Criminel and La Brava, I was so happy for Eri-chan! Enfiiiiin, I've been waiting for his return for so long. And my god Grim and Deku and the letter to Inko whaaaaaa. I hope the story is far from ending with Eri's rescue there is still so much to tackle and dammit how the next full moon going to be?
By the way I am so happy that Deku is feeling better and of course I love so much your Katchan and Izuku's couple, they are so intense and dedicated and sexy ... * _ *

Thank you very much for this chapter, have a great holiday with your loved ones, full of love for you!

Merry Christmas

12/24/2021 c86 87babyvfan
I...I have questions. One that hits the top of the list is: How many chapters do you see this story going? the 100th chaper mark? Past 100? Maybe over 200?

Also I think you knocked it-and my feelings, especially my poor heart-out of the park and I just...I want my boys to be okay. I want Izuku to be okay.
12/24/2021 c85 babyvfan
I'm not gonna lie to you, Sensibly. This was a LOT. Like a LOT A LOT. It was a lot for me just reading this, so I can't imagine how it was for you writing this.

Like Bakugo said, it really seems like Izuku didn't have a chance. At all. Like he was doomed from the beginning, coming from a doomed family that was just riddled with so much trauma and pain.

Oh my gosh, this was a lot
12/24/2021 c84 babyvfan
I think that all of them, especially the trio, deserve a long, long nap and a vacation. Especially Izuku because this poor baby keeps going through it. Keeps getting pulled into mess.

Also happy belaTED Thanksgiving. Hope you know how thankful I am for you
12/24/2021 c1 Dudethatlikestoread
12/11/2021 c85 8Heracelio
Hooooooooooooo… the rabbit hole goes and branches even more with that lineage story of Yakuza lord’s abusing his children for a perfect heir.

The last bit about cutting off bit of ones self’ like you cut a dead weight branche from the tree is …. Peticuliar, interesting yet it would imply that the institute may have purposely triggered the accident meaning that pretty much every quirk they presented where an attack to conquer Izuku, even Hana if just so to get his true name and identity.
12/10/2021 c83 Heracelio
Ho my god!….
He came back even worse than before…. And knock out Hawks once he distabilyze him with a sound dampening quirk….
You really know how to milk that pretty unflashy power to its full and horrifying potential.

And now they’re on the run to Hokkaido, Shinso is a sleeping mole despite his best effort and Aizawa may or may not be on a war path because of it.

Nezu did get a good estimate of the situation, for now Izuku is a prey but once he’s grownups he will be his predator downfall.

I pitty all their friends back in their dorms, left in the dark and enable to help or even understand the whole situation.
Inko might actually be done with all of them once she discovers her son and beau are on a runaway from the authorities.
12/10/2021 c83 Heracelio
Ho my!

The tittle was fitting.
The fluff was ... well beyond it’s self and down right steamy!

Yes they are in love and way too in it for anything else.
Hopefully Eri will finally grow even if her environment isn’t ideal.

Well wonder how revelation will go from here on out.
11/28/2021 c85 La Traductrice Fr
Thank you so much ! Merci, merci, merci !
Wahou, juste wahou ! Four chapters in one week, you're incredible. And Grim ! Wahouuuuuuu, I was so shocked but it fit perfectly. Everything makes sens now and yes, you are a fucking genius ! Just thank you and have a nice holidays and a nice life and everything you whish.

I read every chapter you post (oh my god Freedom's were handsome !) and I just fell in love with Izuku and Kacchan and your fabulous story. Every time I'm impressed and so haaaaaappy to read more. You're so talented and pleaaase tell me (us!) if you write something new and original, I feel, I will adore it for sure.

Love, love, love,

10/28/2021 c83 Atykika
Pendiente de las actualizaciones..
Ansiosa por el siguiente capítulo
10/9/2021 c82 87babyvfan
*purses lips thoughtfully as I look over at you* You a big big horror movie fan, aren’t you? All things horror and bloody? Even criminal or serial killer documentaries that really go into detail into every gory detail? Because the way you’re going deep into the gruesome details is both brilliantly done and terrifying

Also would this be a bad time to say Happy Halloween?

Okay, so this chapter was it, it awww brilliantly done but I’m so worried for Izuku.
10/9/2021 c82 Atykika
Estoy con ansias de saber que más va a pasar.
Esta historia está hermosa, tiene de todo.
Pronto el siguiente capítulo!
10/3/2021 c43 Guest
I’m currently on chapter 43 but idk if you continue putting sections off of the children having sex but if it stops can you please put the section warnings back, not everyone wants to see it :(
9/12/2021 c81 La Traductrice Fr
A fucking genius, that's what's you are. Really. OwO
8/27/2021 c80 babyvfan
"Better have something to fucking clean this up," he muttered, still throbbing deep inside.

*looks over at you and burst into laughter, staggering off, needing a moment to breathe* Oh goodness. I swear, whether it's with Izuku or Crimson, I can definitely see Bakugo saying this to his partner after an intimate moment.

That line is so accurate, I can see that being canon if the series had a higher rating

But in all seriousness this was so damn cute. I'm such a sucker for a pinci date. I know it's cliche but it's so cute and much needed
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