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for Unto the Breach

12/10/2021 c83 8Heracelio
Ho my!

The tittle was fitting.
The fluff was ... well beyond it’s self and down right steamy!

Yes they are in love and way too in it for anything else.
Hopefully Eri will finally grow even if her environment isn’t ideal.

Well wonder how revelation will go from here on out.
11/28/2021 c85 La Traductrice Fr
Thank you so much ! Merci, merci, merci !
Wahou, juste wahou ! Four chapters in one week, you're incredible. And Grim ! Wahouuuuuuu, I was so shocked but it fit perfectly. Everything makes sens now and yes, you are a fucking genius ! Just thank you and have a nice holidays and a nice life and everything you whish.

I read every chapter you post (oh my god Freedom's were handsome !) and I just fell in love with Izuku and Kacchan and your fabulous story. Every time I'm impressed and so haaaaaappy to read more. You're so talented and pleaaase tell me (us!) if you write something new and original, I feel, I will adore it for sure.

Love, love, love,

10/28/2021 c83 Atykika
Pendiente de las actualizaciones..
Ansiosa por el siguiente capítulo
10/9/2021 c82 88babyvfan
*purses lips thoughtfully as I look over at you* You a big big horror movie fan, aren’t you? All things horror and bloody? Even criminal or serial killer documentaries that really go into detail into every gory detail? Because the way you’re going deep into the gruesome details is both brilliantly done and terrifying

Also would this be a bad time to say Happy Halloween?

Okay, so this chapter was it, it awww brilliantly done but I’m so worried for Izuku.
10/9/2021 c82 Atykika
Estoy con ansias de saber que más va a pasar.
Esta historia está hermosa, tiene de todo.
Pronto el siguiente capítulo!
10/3/2021 c43 Guest
I’m currently on chapter 43 but idk if you continue putting sections off of the children having sex but if it stops can you please put the section warnings back, not everyone wants to see it :(
9/12/2021 c81 La Traductrice Fr
A fucking genius, that's what's you are. Really. OwO
8/27/2021 c80 babyvfan
"Better have something to fucking clean this up," he muttered, still throbbing deep inside.

*looks over at you and burst into laughter, staggering off, needing a moment to breathe* Oh goodness. I swear, whether it's with Izuku or Crimson, I can definitely see Bakugo saying this to his partner after an intimate moment.

That line is so accurate, I can see that being canon if the series had a higher rating

But in all seriousness this was so damn cute. I'm such a sucker for a pinci date. I know it's cliche but it's so cute and much needed
8/27/2021 c79 babyvfan
I know how you love my opinions and comments and that you've been enjoying so much. My brain is starting to fizz out but I'm close to being updated so I'm chugging through

If these reviews come our jumble, you know why

Okay, so- I...look. I love Izuku. I love that precious cinnamon roll of a baby. He is so precious and sweet and deserves nothing but the best. And I honestly do see many similarities between him and Harry, which explains why I love him so much. However I have to say he and Harry say a trait that can be a downfall.

Both are incredibly reckless and selfless and impulsive, traits that can be destructive for them and those around them. Seen it with Harry. Izuku experienced it before and I think he's about to hit a corner that's gonna leave one hell of a bruise

But there was some lightness in the chapter. Izuku shutting Baukgo up when he saw that his boyfriend was ready to blow. That is a popular mood go Bakugo. You see fire staring up and you douse it quick

I actually had a good laugh picturing that
8/27/2021 c78 babyvfan
Damn Sensibly. Came for sweetness and ended with being emotionally. Like, I can't believe it started off so sweet with a morning scene you know is my absolute favorite (I'm such a sucker for morning bliss), and then ended up with a boy recoubtijng how his father raped him.

Like...*dumbfounded, collapses into a chair* No words

Other than that poor boy
8/25/2021 c77 babyvfan
Baukgo singing. *blinks in surprise* That's one combo I'd never put together, but it certainly shocked all of them

And a little party is what they need. Especially Deku since he went through too much undercover- BTW am still reeling over the way Eraserhead shut that blonde idiot down.
8/15/2021 c76 babyvfan
So a few things to update you on.

1). Finally got into MHA. Caught up with the anime. Which is awesome. Means I get the references and what not

2). You're not gonna like this and I hope we can still be friends but...despite being exposed to them by you and this story, I couldn't get into Baukgo x Deku as a ship. I wanted to but...season 1 and 2 weren't the best for Hothead

3. I am TODODEKU trash. Like I didn't expect to fall for the ship but I fell. Hard

But I still will read this BakuDeku story. Partially because its you and partially because while I still have my ship, I'm also someone who can read stuff with other ships if the premise is interesting

Monoma is a headache. Everytime that blonde terror appears onscreen, I get such a massive headache and can feel my brain splitting wide open.

Thank God Eraserhead stepped in and got his ass together. Loved
7/22/2021 c78 ErasedDeity
There are going to be problems soon Tamaki is not going to take this well I hope he doesn't do anything drastic
7/20/2021 c78 Lanaylee Jones
Hey I can still read freedom bound in chains on here but the other one isn’t on here did you delete it or something? But I can’t find freedom bound in chains on here unless I go to my recently read. Sorry if you had already brought this up.
7/19/2021 c25 loadinguser1103
Me reading the introduction of Sir: Okay so who’s this Yome Sato character is it an OC?

Yome Sato introducing himself as Sir: What do you mean Yome Sato, mans name is Mirai Sasaki what is this?
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