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for Unto the Breach

7/8/2021 c78 william86144
do you know or have you been a rape victim before?
7/1/2021 c77 Guest
Not me wishing grim was real so i could simp for him in more then just this story
6/15/2021 c33 Guest
If they die and or endeavor lives you die author~chan
6/15/2021 c32 Guest
The bad guy said Tanaka I am getting haikyuu vibes tanks sensei
6/10/2021 c77 ErasedDeity
wow denki you picked the best and worst song possible
6/9/2021 c76 Tapkomet
Hey there! Found this fic recently, and it's really good, so I read through it all in a few days. Quite happy with the writing. It's certainly a pretty interesting take on the world and an "Izuku has a quirk" kinda story.

There were a few times when I thought the writing was confusing, for example, I couldn't follow what was going on in the scene where Grim and Izuku met up with Overhaul and a few others at all. But otherwise it's quite well written.

One complaint though: while I'm fine with the romance, I really don't find erotic scenes appealing, so I've just been skipping those when possible. Could I ask that those be more clearly marked?

Oh, and a question: how much is this going to go into manga spoilers? We're pretty close to catching up with the anime, so should I stop reading sometime soon?
6/2/2021 c76 ErasedDeity
Fuck Monoma, also this is gonna be interesting.
6/1/2021 c75 lady.hinata1
j 'ai adoré ta fic , quelle suspense et deroulement de l histoire , mettre isuku comme alter medium comme naissance est une bonne idee , s il vous plait reprenez l histoire j ai hate de lire la suite merci beaucoup .
5/11/2021 c70 william86144
does the institute exist to stop afo from collecting psychic quirks and becoming more unstoppable?
4/18/2021 c75 La Traductrice Fr
Waw thanks you for this chapter, it was great and sexy and so sweet. I love this couple of boys and they always take care of each other, that's their really power :3
Byeee, I hope to read you soon !
3/31/2021 c74 La Traductrice Fr
Hey hey hey !
Quel chapitre ! Décidément, tu ne veux pas faire redescendre la pression pour ce pauvre Izuku, tu vas finir par le pousser à bout X) C'était vraiment bien et angoissant et tu as maintenus le suspense jusqu'à la fin ! J'étais carrément prête à lire un sauvetage spectaculaire de Deku par la 1A, mais visiblement ça ne sera pas pour tout de suite ;) J'espère vraiment vraiment vraiment que Eri-chan va se retrouver à UA, j'ai tellement envie de voir plus d'interactions entre elle, Katsuki et Izuku, ils seront si chou !
Quoiqu'il en soit, le retour à UA promet d'être épique entre Uraraka, Katchan et Inko ! Je veux dire pour elle, son fils s'entraînait en toute sécurité dans la montagne ! Vas tu maintenir ce mensonge ou bien Izuku va dire la vérité à sa Maman ? Je redoute aussi la dispute entre elle et Katchan, ils forment une famille si unie.. Il y a aussi le fait que Deku est censé être avec All Might, Todoroki, Ilda, Hitoshi et le connard de 1B, comment vas tu jouer ça ? Ohlalala tellement de chose à traiter...
Mais je t'avoue que tout ce que je souhaite lire c'est Katchan chouchoutant son petit-ami, Izuku a vraiment besoin de repos :3
A très vite j'espère !

What a chapter ! Really, you don't want to relieve the pressure for poor Izuku, you'll end up pushing him to the limit X) It was really good and scary and you kept the suspense going until the end ! I was totally ready to read a spectacular rescue of Deku by the 1A, but obviously it will not be for now ;)
Also, I really really really hope that Eri-chan will end up in UA, I wish to see more interactions between her, Katsuki and Izuku, they will be so cuuute for sure !
Regardless, the return to UA promises to be epic between Uraraka, Katchan and Inko ! I mean for her, her son was training safely in the mountains. Are you going to maintain this lie or is Izuku going to tell his Mum the truth ? I dread the fight between her and Katchan as well, they are such a close family... There is also the fact that Deku is supposed to be with All Might, Todoroki, Ilda, Hitoshi and the asshole from 1B, how are you going to play that ? Ohlalala so much to deal with...
But I confess that all I want to read is Katchan pampering his boyfriend, Izuku really needs a rest :3
Byeee, I hope to read you soooooon !
3/20/2021 c13 RubyUchiha13
You could always do his scolding in a one shot if you haven't already. Cus I wanna know what was said lol
3/19/2021 c74 88babyvfan
I KNEW, just felt it in my soul, that this chapter was going to cause me a margrine. I just felt it. The title alone said it. Hinted at it. And the fact the recent news and the shitty excuses used to sympathize the killer, didn't help either

Cops are useless. I swear, they really are.

I believe I speak for all when I say that Puppy deserves a good, long nap. Then a nice, hot shower and then the day full of naps.

I feel so bad for him. He went through all that, only to lose the girl.
3/18/2021 c73 8Heracelio
It was amazing!

God how all change and differs when you switch on character with another!

A grand clash all in one, shouldn’t have waited by fear of cliffhangerthank you)! So many things going in fluids motion.

Except the end where it was getting confusingI think whens the houses started falling in, hopefully they where empty) still it was great, not sure from where Grim pops out but it was fitting that he’ll end the monster/Chisaki.

Now Izuku must deal with four camarades and their associates Intern Mentors on why he went full vigilant. Nighteye, you might have some weight to shove here.

Hopefully Hawks isn’t an Institution pawn, but they are both part of a shady government branches, soo... finger crossed?

See ya later for next chapter!
3/12/2021 c73 88babyvfan
I feel like now every time you post a new chapter, I need to strap on some sort of helmet because every chapter you take me through a wild, wild ride of action and pain. BTW, I think, since you carry a great love for heroes, that you'll really love the Renegades series by Marissa Meyer

But this chapter was just...crazy. Absolutely crazy. Constant action, constant action. And...I am disappointed because I wanted more with Grim. I feel like there's more of his character, and more tension between him and Puppy that I seriously wanted to be epxlored.

Best part of the chapter had to be the doll scene *clutches heart and gets misty-eyed* Oh, dear Lord, it took me back to my Barbie & Winx Club days. Or maybe I should say dolls in general, but those were the main 2 I always played with
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