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for The War Within

5/28 c7 Cafeinomana
simply beautiful
5/5 c7 8Tastytoasting
You did it... You actually did it...
*Is now a skeleton*
It's been a hundred years... Jokes aside though as short as it is, you still gave me feels, I was here for the romance, not the feels, you trolling me with your feels :(
5/5 c7 29TheArtistGirl
Oh wow I didn't think it was going to be that short! Well, I loved it! it was definitely an interesting fic between these two. And I always love a little Fliqpy x Flaky too
5/5 c6 TheArtistGirl
Oh my gosh, that gave me chills...
4/25 c5 Anno
Please do more!
2/6 c4 72Demonic Irken
I’m glad Flaky was saved at the last second, and by Flippy’s commanding officer no less. Such a great chapter!
2/6 c3 Demonic Irken
I’m so glad that Sniffles plan actually worked! I’m impressed with the team’s ability to work together. I thought that they’d surely betray each other.
2/6 c2 Demonic Irken
I feel so bad for Flippy here, desperately trying to rid himself of his evil side and failing every time he tries. I’d want to die too, if I were him. It would be a terrible life to live, killing your friends every day.
2/6 c1 Demonic Irken
I like this take on how Fliqpy was created. This is very interesting. War does bring out the worst in people.
1/19 c5 8Tastytoasting
Didn't realize this was uploaded but I love it! My favorite part was the police uniform and handcuff thing ;)
Keep doing what you're doing, whether the next part be broken up into chapters or one whole paragraph is up to you. Though breaking them into chapters may keep the reader's interest going since they won't have to wait too long, but I'm patient and will support you however long it takes to finish this amazing story
1/14 c5 29TheArtistGirl
For some reason this chapter made me nervous
1/5 c4 8Tastytoasting
Nice of you to put my boy Axel in the fanfic T_T.. Also, this review is also really late XD
12/7/2019 c4 Dominic03
Interesting story, I thought that the whole happy tree friends writers already gave up, want to see what happens next
12/4/2019 c4 29TheArtistGirl
Yay an update! And I see that Fliqpy is still as snarky and snide and disrespectful as ever!
10/27/2019 c3 2Smilesforeverhappy
This. This is gonna be GREAT. Even/especially if it ends with another disaster!
I haven't read psychological horror for a while, and (forgive me, I'm crazy when it's nighttime) I enjoyed it when Fliqpy just messed with Flaky's head.
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