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10/9/2020 c8 Someone369
You really do like writing backstory fanfics, don't you.
10/21/2019 c8 Jupiter's Bull
Awesome. Great job on this story. Since we dont have an in game version of these events, I'll consider yours canon! I cant wait to read Holy Genesis!
9/17/2019 c8 jellyjace
thats quite the mental fortitude for minagi to last that long.
9/14/2019 c1 DxD
Well well well, this is quite the story so far
9/15/2019 c8 1Triforcedlink
Minagi actually never succumbed to Stockholm syndrome after all. Just bidding her time to stick the knife in. It also makes sense too since this Minagi was a human at one point. That's a depth to her I'm pleasantly surprised to see. Too bad MGQ is probably not going to bother with adding that depth to her (since we aren't even sure if she was born the 'natural' way or not. She's most likely just going to be another thot. lol)

I am interested in how you're going to show how Ilias's descent into tyranny and madness. One thing I noticed throughout dark Genesis is that the Dark goddess slowly becomes a bit more empathetic, even if it was mostly directed towards her children. Since she started off mostly as an amoral experimenter.

BTW is your SBs account still alive? I haven't seen much activity from you there...
9/14/2019 c8 Crimson-Sorcerer
"Holy Genesis" huh? I guess after that story would follow "Chaos Genesis" right?

Nah, I was kidding.

Good work with this story, Minagi's part was especially well written, I would have liked to read more about that. Anyway, I'll wait for your next work.
8/23/2019 c7 ArcMagna23
Can't wait for Ilias to send some angels to say "Hi".
8/18/2019 c7 31NeoScriptGenius12
Speaking of what Link said, it would be interesting to find out just what the Four Spirits are doing at this point in time.

Good chapter so far, am I right to assume that Minagi's children are the first of the Three Lilith Sisters?
8/18/2019 c7 1Triforcedlink
Huh, I always figured that they were just running into human tribes who hadn't worshipped Ilias.

That being said, it's kinda interesting how you showed that some humans like those shamans/warriors can actually put up somewhat of a fight. Some improvisation needed since MGQ never mentioned how early humanity wasn't completely overtaken by the monsters besides divine intervention from Ilias.

Wait are they using an early form of magic using the 4 spirits? I wouldn't be surprised since I remember Gnome being mentioned as being worshipped in ancient times.
7/29/2019 c6 Crimson-Sorcerer
I thought that Ilias was the one who caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Anyway, an interesting story so far.
7/28/2019 c6 Jupiter's Bull
That was really good. I liked the card game they played, it was creative and humanizing. Even though they are slaughtering people, from their perspective it's perfectly natural. An interesting dynamic to say the least. And now we get to everyone's favorite Kitsune. I'm excited for that!
7/26/2019 c4 Jupiter's Bull
This is great. I love how cold and dispassionate the First monster lord is, and how each of the three ancestors so far already have their own unique personalities and perspectives. Also, the internal monologues that Alice has in regards to creating monsters, observing biology, they're great. It's very fleshed out and adds an interesting dimension to the story! Keep up the great work!
7/26/2019 c5 Rathilal
Nice to see you already on to another work. Picking the literal start of the MGQ world for a story is definitely a bold pick, especially considering MGQ Paradox Part 3 could throw some of what you write out the window.

That said, as a Minagi and succubi in general fanboy, it's somewhat relishing to know she's the eldest sister of the ancestors.

I'm curious what your intended end point for this story is. My imagination is the end or beginning of the Great Monster Wars, but that would expand the character pool quite a bit. I wouldn't complain about seeing the Lilith sisters after their parody appearance in your other story, though.

Also, can we expect to see Ilias's perspective in creating Lucifina and Micaela in this fic, or is it going to solely be a monster-perspective story?
6/15/2019 c1 Jupiter's Bull
Wow! This is gonna be good. I'm really interested to see how you will build the origin of the MGQ world. I'm excited to see all of the Ancestors and I'm assuming the birth of the Angel's. This is uncharted territory for the most part, so I am quite excited to see what plot you come up with here. Definitely a great start if this chapter is any indication!
6/15/2019 c2 31NeoScriptGenius12
Wait wouldn't Minagi have had parents and presumably a sibling or two? Does this mean she killed her own parents and possibly a sibling?
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