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for Not Quite According to Plan

12/16/2022 c19 SonntagMorgen27
This is very lovely!
Sometimes it is hard to read on the phone because the layout is different but I can manage because the story is so good!
Thank you for that! You are a fantastic writer!
8/30/2022 c19 Fangalitious
I have run out of words to describe how much I love this story. Your James and Lily are so exquisitely Right for each other, even when everything else goes so wrong. I love the way James observed and noticed when Lily was at a place that could be so destructive if allowed to be. I loved the way James was instantly on her side in any way he could be, no strings attached. I'm also interested in where this conversation goes with Euphemia. Can't wait for the next update!
8/23/2022 c19 SuraWaldelfe
Eyy thank you for this chapter! Finally movement in the lily and James area. And oh horrible petunia, I hope this won't end with a big bang
8/22/2022 c19 RiaCole28
Oh my goodness, do I love this story. Any day with a new chapter makes for a good week. Thank you for the update!
8/21/2022 c19 Navybrat95
I am always so excited to see another chapter of this story. I love the play between James and Lily. I love the mix of formats. Everything makes me smile and laugh and wish I had a James. Please continue to take whatever time you need on this. I will wait forever and a day to see these two.
8/21/2022 c19 3DeimosBia
8/21/2022 c19 3Ara Catin
I am ALWAYS so thrilled to see an update of this story. But poor Lily and James, absolutely going to pieces over here. At least they're finally attempting to shack up. Meanwhile, I would like to chuck Petunia out a window.
3/30/2022 c18 thestoicwarrior
awe I want someone who will flirt with me like this. ESP if I were as bad at communicating my feelings as Lily apparently is. LOL
2/21/2022 c18 protectremusatallcosts
so lovely to see this update! im glad lily and james got to talk/text out the ~feelings~ and that lily isn't self-sabotaging! also, I can't wait till Euphemia finds out haha!
2/21/2022 c18 Ara Catin
THIS IS THRILLING can't wait for them to admit they are in love forever.
2/20/2022 c18 Fangalitious
I flapping love these two! And the format of this chapter was so fun - I love the repeated reference to ignored calls that we couldn't see. What a fun genre re-purposing! Excited to see what happens next chapter!
2/20/2022 c18 Guest
I love this fic with all my heart!
I need more ️
So happy you're continuing ️
2/18/2022 c17 oops-cant-say
Hii...Gr8 chapter I must say, but that sort-of-cliffhanger, is NOT nice to us! Why must we be tortured so? On that note, when r u gonna update? I might have died of suspense by then...
1/28/2022 c17 Fangalitious
Oh, holla! Can't say I was super excited about the self-sabotage, so loving that turn at the end. We'll see how it goes from there, but I'm excited to see their processing whatever direction it takes them. Excited for the next chapter!
1/26/2022 c17 1thevolunteerman
Oh Lily. James is going to be oh so confused. He’s not built to deal with complex situations like this.
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